Easy Four Step Origami Leaf Video Tutorial

3 months ago

YouTube version can be found here:

This is a video tutorial of how to make an easy four step origami leaf for Christmas cards. If you would prefer a pictorial tutorial you can find the link here This is a design I did arrive at during an afternoon brainstorming session, however given the small number of steps I can not say with certainty that I am the first to do so. If you do come across this model online or in a book, please let me know and I will update to include their details.

Happy folding, Grace.

This tutorial has also been crossposted on Steemit under my steemit name of @gmatthe2

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it is a very nice craft to decorate the cards but I also think we could make saplings or other home decorations with them, I will try to do other things and show you


You have been stung by the colony of handicrafts of Bhive, thank you for that impressive post that we waited with eagerness.


I taught this model last Saturday and two of the children created this pinwheel which I thought was beautiful. Whaleshares won't let me upload the photo for whatever reason, but you can see it here on my steemit competition https://steemit.com/competition/@gmatthe2/origami-tuesday-pay-it-forward-competition-sponsored-by-ccc-28a7fc1c5ee8f
Thank you very much for the BHive nomination.