i am the new guy/soy thenewguy

2 months ago

Hi guys i am the new guy i have no idea what cryptocurency is all about

I am brand new to all this so i hope that you guys give me a little hand to understand better this. my brother @chuckyfucky told what it's all about, but i still have some gaps to fill.

I am a musician and love everything about music so any musicians willing to share some good music ill be glad to listen and comment about it.Foto de Portada Para MATI!!!.jpg

Hola chicos, soy el chico nuevo, no tengo ni idea de qué se trata la cryptocurency

Soy nuevo en todo esto, así que espero que ustedes me den una pequeña mano para entender mejor esto. mi hermano @chuckyfucky me contó de qué se trata, pero todavía tengo algunos vacíos que llenar.

Soy un músico y amo todo lo relacionado con la música, por lo que cualquier músico dispuesto a compartir buena música estare contento de escuchar y comentar al respecto.


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welcome aboard , there is a lot to learn but dont worry you will get a hang of it

Don´t worry about crypts, u wi'll learn, be welcome!!!

Bienvenido a esta plataforma, la vas a pasar bien y si te gusta la música... ni se diga. Muchos éxitos!!

Hello @thenewguy , welcome to Whaleshares and thank you for introducing yourself to us!
We just rewarded your post so you can start your journey on this amazing platform with the right foot!
- Remember, if you have any questions or want to get involved with the Whaleshares community you can join our Official Whaleshares Discord and ask your questions.
- To get the latest updates and upcoming features please follow @whaleshares.
Warm welcome from @black-man and @artwhale-witness, we are happy to see you here and wish you an amazing journey in Whaleshares!

Welcome mate! A lot of musicians and music fans getting onboard here. You play the drums?

Welcome to Whaleshares brother of Chucky :-) We look forward to getting the insider dirt on his life LOL He says he's a professional surfer from California... something tells me that's a lie.


he is the best golf player you will ever see lol

Glad to have you onboard Chucky's bro, enjoy the ride!

Ya chucky te lavó el cerebro jejeje Bienvenido disfrutalo!

The great thing about platforms like Whaleshares, is you don't need to know anything about crypto to earn and own it! Welcome to the community!