Trout Fishing Near The Mississippi River

last month

A cold stream and some elusive fish make for a fun family day! No trout were caught, but nobody went home disappointed. These pics come from our trip to Garnavillo, IA - a few miles from the Wisconsin border - earlier this year.

My daughter loved the lake that our stream fed in to. She didn't mind the sandy beach near it either!

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Your daughter is beautiful, she looks shy in the photo😍.. Nice shot.


Thank you - she is very shy!

Hi @nepd,
Nice to see you enjoying with your family and having great time. Spending valuable time with family is very much important. It seems you had lot of fun.
And photos also beautifully captured.
Thanks for sharing this.

Lovely kids! Keep sharing your photos!

How happy and festive are the weekends in nature, especially city children love this kind of pastime. After all, for them, “hermits” high-rises, concrete courtyards and urban vanities, a foray into nature is like open doors to a new world and a breath of fresh air in the literal sense of the word.

You have a beautiful daughter, and she is going to be proud of her dad for the outing and family fun

she is cute! Fishing is a great excuse to spend time with family.

Your son seemed intent on getting some trout home. 😂 really focused. Your daughter found time to pick rocks though. Nice.

Love these kind of trips with family. It is an awesome way to stay bonded.

Huh!! and just two seconds ago I saw another post about the mississippi river by @jason-russell or was it missouri!
Now I am confused, did yall go together??? :D