I have a new song to give a listen in how it has progressed

2 months ago

Musica with some twists of all kinds of bass rock electro and more,

I just simply call it bass because that's just easier for me and you ;) About a month ago I was working on this, it is still yet to be perfectionized and I can tell you this one comes also in a vocal version very soon! For now the title is unbreakable. Because thats what keeps live having a purpose and grow my backbones and memory :)

What's in the track?

Oh the guitars? Yeah I play guitar just a little though, these are actually stock loops out of logic. Bass is all from the collection of HDs which contain endless backups too. This song was the last track i played in oisjeik aswel for those who were there. I just like it more on 100 BPM variating 10 db depending on how it develops with the production proces. Don't think in boundries think open, and don't lose yourself in fantasy too much i think. I mean in the end It's only restricting to try to be as different or out of the box if one can. When everyone thinks out of the box, you make a difference thinking inside the box.

Schermafbeelding 2018-08-16 om 11.23.31.png

make embed links, it is way easier when it works and doesn't ridirect. You can always add your choon

Sometimes i see these embeds that don't work and sometimes have strings or a hidden url to redirect to a different site or link. I'm now pretty careful with that since my experience with somebody wanting to change me, instead of focus on theirselves, they used techniques that hit on keywords and images. Don't be that mean and I am not falling for a trap no more even no follow up.. Anyways back to here, do you want to have an embed in your post? See here how its done with Soundcloud. Keep in mind, choon can do it as wel! Dsound links if you want to post them priorely, just know how often they work vs. don't work.. but keep the decision to yourself what to do :)

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always works, and a pleasure for the curator which will be happy and enjoy your post more ;)

Peace and love and keep on producing and posting for decentralization, and if you're not sure, then look for terms.. read them and and keep your eyes open to see trough potential danger or traps... Stay true to your own and let others do the same.

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really cool textures in this , nice rhythms too , like the switch from dirty to clean at the end, finishes it off nicely

Hey stranger!
Nice to hear some fresh new sounds from you man!
This is pretty different but also cool!
Nice transitions and glitchy guitars.


thanks for screwing around with it in this code i learned to code from it but don't think i don't know man i will bring it out soon and it's a heavy violation of law with concequences, to add to that two weeks of particularly not able to use my laptop with manipulative tricks like these code things. people see text yeah but count it top down and leftright and what does it activate the you see... inspecting it shows that its my pw right if you want proof just ask me Schermafbeelding 2018-09-13 om 12.21.22.png looking in the code of my browser that means


Oh man! That happened to me last month and I couldn't login to my laptop! I then had to reinstall windows and in the process lost all of my files!
I did back up a lot of them the previous week but lost quite a few of my crypto keys and phrases!
What a nightmare it can be at times.
I always use WordPress and insert my Choon links like that. It's always a safe way to embed links into pictures.
I'm glad you go it sorted out and please to see you back here!
You must come on our show soon too on Msp-waves!
Cheers man.

Loving the guitar in this track, really well fused with the other electronic elements. This track had me dancing around in the kitchen- top job mate!

I really dig this one! It needs some scratching and a dope rapper


and some extra version still to work on ;) with you, will send soon some bassy stuff, had this a few weeks ago as good as done but still wanna work on it with ur edit :) and @trg thnx a lot for your compliment man, logic guitars in this one ;) some also from garage


Ur definitely have elevated ur music production craft since we used to battle back in the days... hahah we sound old already :P Looking forward to our mashup remix to this one keep'em comin!

nice =) let me know if I can use your sound in my next vide =) it's good workout music!!!

Love this. Would you like me to sing on it?

If you can find a rapper (maybe Jibba The Gent?) I could sing the chorus and they could rap the verses?

Supporting the independent music scene - fans & artists alike!


dope! lets see whats it brings! thnx for support ;)

Feeling the groove, fab electro and screaming guitars! :) but man those TWANGS, would just listen them alone! Pure balm for the bass-fetishist heart :D

love it @seveaux, sounds great... really kewl groove and beat! 😎

This is really coool man, i totally enjoyed the rhythms, tones on point. SHARED