Preparing my Ep December/Next year (Not finalized yet)

4 months ago

Hanging out with my friends in the studio, playing series of my tracks in preparation for my Ep this December or Next year when it will be released.

THE Ep is titled Profehnom
I know no one knows the full meaning of this acronym p.r.o.f.e.h.n.o.m, well i can say it now until its been out already.

They listened to 3 of the 6tracks and would be back next week to listen to the rest tracks. The aim is just simple, we sometimes do believe that a perfect track to dish out to the world shouldn't be done in a hurry and should be properly prepared and productive, but that doesn't mean we ain't fast. Just trying to bring the best to the fans ✌️

A little preview of our studio session

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Its sounding good! Keep these updates coming and keep those tracks spinning!


Thanks and most definitely, i have lots of great sound to put out, have you heard my whaleshares song? you haven't.