"Dawn of The Children of Men" | Original Music | by: Ivan Atman

last month

Dawn of Children of MEn - CHOON.png

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Project Details:

DAW: Ableton Live 9.5
DRUMS: Battery 4
EL.GUITAR: Les Paul Gibson 1994's Korean
SYNTH: Waldorf Blofeld
SOUNDCARD: Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
MICROPHONE: Shure Beta 58A




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Hey @ivan.atman! This track was pretty neat I must say, but I have to admit, when the song finished, it changed tracks onto 'impervious stone', Killer buddy! Keep this up please :) Hope you get some good enjoyment out of it as well.


Indeed I do @ceruleanblue 🙂 I enjoy composing music very much, and thank you for listening
impervious stone is a stoner rock track I did as a big loop actually, I really don't have a specific direction I played almost all possible genres and I love it that way, having said that yes I will do more of the harder stuff occasionally, all depends about the mood of the day for me, it is all basically an improv with me ✌️


Hehe 'stoner rock track', lmao that's the kind of music I like to hear :D Oh but definitely no worries I am not pushing you to produce in any one style :) Do you man, you seem to know exactly who that is and there is nothing at all wrong with branching out and exploring your talents!


Yeah man no worries I am aware that you weren't implying that I produce on demand haha 😀
I'm playing for a decade all ready so I just cruise and explore what music is, I've done a lot of short tracks, that 30 tracks on CHOON is just a tip of the ice berg, I will eventually go playing live once I feel that is a direction I must go

Check Stoner Rock man its a legit genre https://whaleshares.io/music/@ivan.atman/impervious-stone-layered-improv-or-original-music-or-by-ivan-atman

There is some outstanding bands like Electric Wizard that will blow your mind, also check Post-Grunge very similar but still miles apart ✌️