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3 months ago


It has a been a month and 3 days since Midas was launched and I wanted to update everyone on how everything was going and highlight the initiatives that Midas has been sponsoring.


As of writing this post the Whalestake backing up Midas is at 75,645.819, which means that the 100% reward value is at around 263.07 Whalestake. If you compare it to last month the account backing Midas had around 62K Whalestake, so around 13K Whalestake was earned through posting,curating and producing blocks in that month and it wouldn't have been possible without the help of the different initiatives that distribute Midas and of course the people who have voted me as witness. With that, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. 😀


Currently I'm supporting four different initiatives with Midas which are ran by different people with different initiative scope which will hopefully mean for better distribution. Let me explain to you briefly the different initiatives and the people behind them.

  1. Sports Prediction Contest by @mindblast
    I don't know anyone else who is as into sports as @mindblast, I mean the man basically breathes sports that's why I didn't hesitate to support his contest when he asked me to. Basically to win the tokens you need to predict the winning team and the total score of both teams combined. The cool thing that I like about this initiative is that he made it in a way that not only one person can win but at least 10, super cool!! If you want to check out his latest contest you can find it here.

  2. Whalegaming by @jillfeint
    The low amount of users who do gaming contest on whaleshares had me worried and those who did do gaming contents didn't get much recognition. Being a gamer myself I understood the feeling of uploading a sweet pentakill or rampage and not get recognition for it, so when I saw @jillfeint 's post I reached out to him and long story short @whalegaming became a reality. Whalegaming rewards different game content creators based on the quality of their post. If you want to learn more about them you can check out this post or go check out @whalegaming.

  3. Discover the Video Game Character by @zero
    A fun contest which I decided to sponsor was a simple guessing game by @zero to support anime/game lovers. I thought of supporting this mainly because it was quick, easy and fun!! The 1st iteration of the contest just finished, but check out @zero cause there will be more contest to come.

  4. Whaleshares Real Curation Culture by @dklef
    Finally, the most recent one that I supported with Midas is a curation culture by @dklef. I really liked the idea of promoting engagements in posts, it's definitely something we need to be able to build a healthy community because through different perspectives, questions and healthy debates we can learn lessons which help us become better. If you would like to check out his post and possibly join the contest you can check it out here.

If you have an initiative and is currently looking for sponsors then hit me up on discord (Jepu#2789) and we can talk about a possible sponsorship.
Disclaimer: I reserve the right to decline/deny any initiative I see that doesn't align with what I plan for Midas

Use your Whaletokens!

I would also like to urge everyone who has not only Midas but Whaletokens to use them instead of hodling or selling them. This is because I believe you'll get a better return when using them since the chain is fairly young and rewards are high.

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If you think I deserve your vote, please head over to the Witness page and click on the (^) right next to my name "jepu".

As always thanks for reading and see you in the next one,


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I'm really privileged to have you support the Whaleshares Real Curation Culture @jupu. You have proven times without number that you have the best intentions for the Whaleshares platform by these great initiatives you sponsor with your token. Thanks once again, and see you at the other side! Lol

Guys this is one person you should vote as witness. Midas to the moon!



I appreciate the kind words man! :) Good luck with your contest!

Thank you for supporting us, but even more thank you for giving us happiness to the gamers, it is really satisfying to know that the content we do, is remunerated and is worth like that of many others.

Thanks to you @jepu, you help the community with your tokens. It was really a gift and opportunity for us to take part of distribution and help other people build their powers through rewarding them MIDAS Tokens. More power to you and your token. You have all my support 200% in any actions you wish to implement, as long as I can handle it.


Thank you man! I know you put a lot of hard work in making your contests! That means a lot!

Thanks Jepu for support my contest too !

This is really good, helping good projects will help the community grow.

i got two suggestions -

  1. i am putting together a creative writing competition series and i am looking for somebody to sponsor the prizes.

  2. there is a Christian motivational show that runs every tuesday i think, on the WS server, i have no connection with it but i listened to it once and it was excellent, if you want to sponsor it contact @ifeoluwa88#3524


Thanks cryptogrind. Hey sir @jepu, thank you for your selfless act...You are appreciated.


Hit me up on discord so we can talk about a possible sponsorship.

So nice of you supporting all these projects! This would totally means something and sure will get the lively community growing more and more. I will make sure to check some of them out (not into sport and games oops :D haha)

One of the contest I have seen around and yes, they're also here on WLS is @cookwithus run by 3 awesome peeps @offoodandart @chefsteve and @pandamama . Would be cool to have this contest running here and doing well on the platform. So much quality food posts in that contest! <3


From what I've been told by @offoodandart that @cookwithus is still on Steemit and not WLS. I've already talked to her before about a possible sponsorship


Uh oh! They could totally be on both but yeah, thanks for letting me know! This is great that you support a lot of community! :)

Oh! @comedyopenmic !

LOLOL Don't mind me. I just like to name things especially if I have know them before hahaha

Hi @jepu! Thanks for your initiatives! I would love to connect with you regarding the Cook with Us contest when our plans are more solid.

More power to you!


You can hit me up on discord whenever you guys are ready! :D

Wow that will be good for me to have u on my sponsor list... Let me recharge back my battery power, then i hit up on discord..
Thanks in advance

i haven't read the whole post .... but that reward 🤑

hello sir @jepu, still din't have that token , hopefully soon will have those. Salute to you for having this great initiative and for supporting the community grow 💞 proud kabayan 💞

Great initiators, @jepu! I even wanted to organize some useful competition. I'll think about it. Thank you

Thanks for the advice about using tokens. First thing on my agenda when I wake up tomorrow. I was wondering if I -should- be holding them.

Great work bro helpful people to grow in whaleshareand thanks for giving latest updates and useful information @jepu

Midas is doing amazingly well, I remember seeing the first few weeks of this token and it has grown so quickly you are awesome buddy. Hope its going as well as it seems.

Hello @jepu
Good to see you!
We have had a chat before when we were working together at @super8ballclub
I wanted to talk to you but couldn't find you on discord.
Can you pm me whenever you are free?
My discord id is syed umair#1591.
You can find me on whaleshares discord also.

Привет! Проголосовал за Вас! Удачи!!!)

Thank you for supporting the initiatives on Whaleshares Jepu

This is great @jepu. I guess I'll hit the chat button right away.

logo-mobile.png Up whaleshares.

@jepu respect your doing some nice job for the whaleshares community, greetings

Midas is truly growing and thanks supporting these project.

I have a project called #Promo-Wls which intends to onboards new members into the community. I have a dropped a message on discord explaining further. Thanks

Thanks to mdas and you, I get to partake in contests here on whaleshares. I have won 20 midas so far. I hope to win many more in the near future.

Good information for those who started this platform, I will be using the labels.