MIDAS is Ready to Touch Posts and Change Lives!

5 months ago



MIDAS is here!

I'm glad to announce that the MIDAS token can now be used on your posts!

For those who don't know MIDAS is a WhaleToken backed up by my account. With the intent to help the community of Whaleshares. My account (as of making this post) currently has 62,262.818 WHALESTAKE and at 100% gives 25.64 WLS!

How to get MIDAS?

The easiest way to earn MIDAS tokens is through the different contests which I will be holding on my account (@jepu) in the near future.

Also, I plan to support different initiatives with my token. So if you have an initiative you want to be supported you can reach me on discord.

How to use MIDAS?

It's very easy to use MIDAS and other WhaleTokens, You just send the amount of tokens you want to use (1 MIDAS = 1% of my reward. So, 10 = 10%, 25 = 25% and so on.) to my bitshares address jepu-43556 with your post URL as the memo and you're done!

Here's how it should look

If you want to learn more about WhaleTokens then you can check out whaleshares.info, a site made by @bushkill explaining more about WhaleTokens and how to use them.

Huge thanks to @alexpmorris and @officialfuzzy in setting up and bringing MIDAS to life!

If you think I deserve your vote, please head over to the Witness page and click on the (^) right next to my name "jepu".

As always thanks for reading and see you in the next one,


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Congratulations on getting your Midas token to life!

Looking forward to your contests and am appreciative of the fact that you will be supporting initiatives as well. Will definitely contact you if the Cook with Us team decides to launch the Cook with Us contest on this platform which is currently active on Steemit. Right now, we’re still waiting for whaleshares account approval for @cookwithus.

More power to you!


Unfortunately I can't support much projects on steemit cause my power isn't big at all. Looking forward to seeing @cookwithus on here :)

i'd love to have some midas magic in my life. bring it on! : )

Congratulations on the launch of your MIDAS token!

How is it possible that I entirely missed the name of your token bro!

I like it and lets get this token unrolled on the market:)))

Yaaaay.. This is a way to go! Midas by @jepu is a blast!

I'm in full support for this token.. Go for it jepu.. =)

yeah I Support too from a gamer to a gamer ;)


Hey there! Please reach out to me on the whaleshares discord server https://discord.gg/smfwSs :) I'd love to hear more about it. I'm @Jepu on there

Wooot! Midas Token to the moon! :P You are an awesome guy Jepu, and a solid token that people can trust I would imagine.

It'd be great to connect with you and talk about how you'd like to use the MIDAS token and what community initiatives you'd like to see. I'm sure I'll see you around sometime on the Discord chat.

Sweet name for a token. You have almost assured its success. Heard it once on discord and can't get it out of my head.