Calling all artists, Midas needs a logo! | Win Midas Tokens!

5 months ago



If you didn't know my WhaleToken Midas can now be used for rewards (roughly 30.88 WLS at 100% as of writing this post) on posts here on Whaleshares,you can read more about it here. Mentioned on that post, I wrote that I will be holding contests on this account to be able to give fair chances and opportunities to everyone to earn some Midas. This will be the first 😀

👍 The inspiration

The token logo I had in mind is something similar to the cover image I have on this post, it's clean, professional and overall looks cool. So if you could make something similar yet unique, i'd be thoroughly impressed.

📜 The Rules

  • Logo must be square at least 500x500 pixels.
  • Logo must have a hand and the color gold in the design concept, but other designs will be considered as well.
  • Only 2 entries per participant
  • Contest ends a week after being posted (September 30, 2018).
Please only submit original works that you make.

💰 The Prizes

1st Place: 300 Midas
2nd Place: 150 Midas
3rd Place: 50 Midas

I'm excited to see your submissions! Good Luck and Have Fun! 😁

If you think I deserve your vote, please head over to the Witness page and click on the (^) right next to my name "jepu".

As always thanks for reading and see you in the next one,


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another example here

bts : podanrj37412


looks awesome man, I love that glove design ! Thank you for joining!


nice designs. Thank you for joining :)

Awesome Jepu here's my entry! hope you like it! :)




neat designs! Thanks for joining

Here is my entry :)


Another one for Midas Token





BTS : podanrj37412

Hello @jepu. :)
are talking about hand? or gloves?

We looking at Midas touch? I am down

Concepts for @bHive and now this one Challenge accepted.
bts: chrono-polis

Ohh this is a awesome contest! I'll do my best!

heeheh....Good luck to the future winners and contestant...

Good luck to those who will be joining this contest.

@jepu great contest, i try to make some logo tomorow of day after, greetings

Dude with all these contest I really wished I had any designing skills hahaa

would love to help you out!