I'm back like i never left - read to know how to earn whaletokens with having any of this skills

15 days ago

it's been a while people, here I'm back full to my project project atlas and to every other blockchain projects i have been part of in some ways or the other, or might be the love

  • Spescoin
  • Enumivo
  • beyondbitcoin

and so on

first I'm using this opportunity to wish everyone of us a Happy New Year

the new year for me was great like, very dope and lovely ☺

This year we are in for greatness, so not wasting much of our time...

if you know about the project atlas then you don't need to read more and you all just use the opportunity to Earn more valuable tokens.

The project atlas has been restructured in order for any skills to benefit, and apart from just promoting crypto projects online, the project atlas is also a talent portal where any talented individuals gets rewarded from posting their own works and art on the project atlas whaleshares and they get rewarded with liquid whaletokens.
for more about the project read project restructured here
or visit the project atlas website


Good news to the atlas team and the members of eosbounties

The Atlas team under the project atlas are group of individuals who promote other crypto projects on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, we want to grow from just 7,8 to 49 50 enthusiasts members.... good news is, every verified working atlas and active members will be getting paid with 30 or less Lexibit tokens plus other whale tokens every week either there is a work announcements or not.
this reward is determined by how many active members we have.
this reward system is to boost our enthusiasm and not only that, but rewarding you faithful guys for being there for the project since a year now...... this means many verified members that are not active would be removed from being verified inorder not to missed it up and reward the active crypto promoters on this social platform.

The members of the EOS bounties telegram group are not left out.

this is the time of restructuring and every member of the EOS bounties will be rewarded with not only Eosbits when they complete their simple tasks, but with other valuable tokens like BEYONDBITS and Whale tokens that they could be use to summon other whales on whaleshares and beyondbit on steemit.

so get prepared to get this tokens

what is Eos bounties and how to join

The Eos bounties is a telegram group that the members of the group share a particular Eos information to other Eos groups in order to spread that particular news to the Eos community and at the end, the members get rewarded with valuable vote tokens.

So join the eosbounties and wait patiently as i would be updating the pinned message for the 2019 restructuring and how to make it work for us all bounty hunters and also not to look like spammers winks.

here - https://t.me/eosbounties

So the overall good news is, if you are on project atlas and on eosbounties, you would be receiving valuable tokens for Upvote and upshares for different platforms for every value you add.

Incase you don't understand some of the text here, use the comment to ask your questions 😉.

And also,
we are looking for skillful individuals,
are you a professional writer?
we need you to keep updating our project atlas blog and get rewarded with whaletokens or the liquid WLS


If you have any skills listed here, let's know through the comment and you can visit @project-atlas restructuring post and register with this links

or Vist here to know about the project restructuring

Let me know what skills you have

And for the year 2019, i wish us all greatness

About the author

Destiny Marshall marshalllife a crypto enthusiast | bullish, finding ways to add value. A crypto musician and finding ways to leverage it through blockchain.
I am part of the atlas team
And always at your service.



Connect or Listen to My sounds here:



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Welcome back, and I hope you brought cookies. Will do well to join

Ohhhhh! Yes 😀 I'm always an active member watching everything and everyone connected to @Project-Atlas 👀 2019 🚀 Let's fly 👍

Glad you made it to 2019 @marshalllife. 2018 was full of experiences each and everyone of us has encountered,and i believe they are worthwhile. This year is loaded with unlimitied dominion and possiblities that can be obtained by those who "zip-up."

Am pretty sure @project-atlas will reach to all and most especially reward people for their good quality skills which are really needed in the community. As time goes on,different phases will commence surely. Glad you back man,good thing you could take a break because i know you work tirelessly...

Happy new and prosperous year man...


yeah man, thanks alot, for sure, 2018 has been a work work for me, had to take some days off to relax and plan properly on. how to dominate this year..... together we all can achieve greater feat.

The Crypto Marshall is back.
Happy new year bro
Abeg reply me on discord, or are you more reachable on telegram?

I wanna opt in for digital marketing and public speaking


I'm reachable everywhere mate, well yeah this is good, I'm glad you actually made up your minds it all be great for us all.

Hi, friend, how are you? @marshalllife incredible project the truth that I do not have that ability to write I dedicate myself more to the kitchen but if I'm interested follow @Project-Atlas

Happy New Year friend


☺, same, happy new year
i understand many of us might not be skilled with everything but any skills you have is appreciated...... go to the project atlas discord and tell us what you can do

Have new year @marshalllife... The project will help people a lot, although i can't do any thing of the project you list , but in can invite and tell more people bout the project.

good to see your projects develop well my friend, as you know you'll have my support! cheers!


smile ☺ thanks my man sevo, for sure