4 months ago

Want to know something crazy?!

The Philippine lottery prize is 1 Billion Pesos (1,026,264,340.00 Php to be exact), yep you read that right 1 BILLION that's 18,948,225.95 USD.

People here in the Philippines are lining up outside lottery outlets with their 6 numbers in hand in hopes to be having the lucky winning combination!

Photo by Mark Demayo

To put in perspective how crazy that prize money is the current population of the Philippines is only 106,962,322. That's enough to give each Filipino roughly 9 million EACH! That's freaking insane!!

What would you do if you win that 1 Billion Php? I'd love to know :D

If you think I deserve your vote, please head over to the Witness page and click on the (^) right next to my name "jepu".

As always thanks for reading and see you in the next one,


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If I won that much in a country like the Philippines, 1st I would put Manny Pacquiao back into fulltime training to refight Mayweather. I would then figure out to the penny how much I would need to live out my days and give the rest to Philipino family's in need starting with the poorest working my way up until I was out of money. I would do it that way so the poorest families would then be the upper class in hopes they would be kinder and better to those who don't have as much money as them. An upside down lesson for the entire country.


Pacquiao-Mayweather II would definitely be a treat, but unfortunately doesn't seem like it's gonna happen soon lol

I like the idea of an upside down lesson cause I believe that people who don't have money are actually much more generous than those who do.


That is my dream fight #2 I'd like to see Hatten refight either of them 1st but due to the location of the lottery that made more sense.

I wonder how a 3 man boxing match would play out, last man standing style, lol.

Poor people understand what it is to be poor, they are also happy when they have enough. There is some sort of gene or something people are born with that make them cutthroat to get rich at all cost. Some are born without it, I guess it is all supposed to balance in the end. I hope that is what crypto pushes the world to, balance.


A 3 man boxing match?! They could technically just team up and beat the shit out of the stronger man out of the 3 xD

That's very well said man.


Exactly, it would be glorious to see Mayweather on his ass and out! You can only run in one direction, so they just have to keep him in the middle, lol.

Please with Midas contest. How can i vote my article with the tokens i won.


It's very easy.. check it here :

Woooo definitivamente viajaría mucho. Comería mucho. Y pasaría más tiempo con las personas que quiero.

I buy in to whaleshares and make a Filipino Basic Income on top whaleshares platform... hope to win.


wouldn't that be something ey? haha Good luck!

I don't buy tickets, but very much looking forward to winning the lotto. :D

soon midas coin will worth that jackpot ! XD

Well, 1st of all, there is zero percent chance to win for me beacause I've not taken any tickets. But say, I won the prize. 1st government will take there taxes on it after that friends will beg there parties. And after these all I'll buy a beautiful home and my favourite bicycle, yes bicycle. Next I'll bring my parents to the new home for surprise. Then I'll do some charity. Next, I love to fulfil my dream, which I can't share with you zzz.
Nice question my friend and witness done.

Did anyone win this huge jackpot? If so, I hope it's not just one person. =D

Is it ok to reach you on Discord?


Two persons won the jackpot!! Lucky them right?

Of course, you can dm me jepu#2789.


Two people! Crrrazy! OMG!

Ok, will dm you soon. Salamat ng marami!

Greetings @jepu.

Interesting how very popular the lottery the comments you said...two people won the prize.....what a twist to the story.

Your query....what would we do with the prize?

Most Whalers would probably buy more crypto.....what do you think? I know I would. ^__^

All the best.