Taking a break to focus on what matters

6 days ago


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family

Philip Green

Gone but not for good


I am making this post to let everyone know that I will be taking a break from Whaleshares for a while. I do not know when I will return, but I will not be gone all the way. I will still log in every now and then and comment and engage with the community and reward posts. My DerangedCoin will remain fully automated and there for the community to use.


gif made by @boyerobert

I have already spoken to @boyerobert and given a stash of DerangedCoin and told him to come up with a competition of some sort to disperse coins out to the community. I am also contacting other members of the community that will also be able to disperse coins out as well in a fun and engaging way for the community.

Why am I taking a break?


There are multiple reasons for this decision and they go hand in hand with each other. One of them being that this is very time consuming for me to try and be on here creating content, curating, managing the different projects I am involved in across Whaleshares and Steemit.

With all of the time spent here on this platform and Steemit, I have neglected my family. Family is more important than anything on these platforms and there needs to be a balance because time is more valuable than any crypto that is on the market. As my kids near adulthood I will have less and less time to be with them before they leave the home and I would rather spend it making memories with them than behind a computer screen. I have also neglected my photography business, so I will be focusing more efforts towards my brand and my travels.

I am looking forward to seeing where this platform goes in the future and I hope that it succeeds. I will be checking on things every now and then. Keep up the great work everyone, but don't forget that there is an amazing world out there.



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The family is indeed the number one thing in life and at the ages, your kids are right now, time is going to be coming soon where they move out. You'd kick yourself in the ass if you let those years go by as you sat online. You can always make more money but you can not buy more time once it passes.

As with all things in life you have to set priorities and weigh the pros and cons and act accordingly. You have built a good enough base here that you can easily take some time and not have to worry about things.

I'd say I wish you luck and I am sad to see you go but honestly, I will just say I will see you when you get back and I look forward to the adventures and photos you have to share.

Words of wisdom my dear friend, the family is first and that is how it should always be.

What can I say, go follow that call that your heart makes, here you will miss, in the short time I've been getting to know you and learned to value the friendship of knights of honor like you, who have such a big heart that does not fit in the chest.

The dances must be taken by the horns and if your heart asks for a break, that is what you should do, here your good friends will be on the lookout and I imagine that they will have you informed, from my side my dear friend I wish you a happy rest, As I told you before here they have a good friend and who is very aware of you, just a month here and I consider you my older brother.

A hug brother. @derangedvisions

A wise decision, I recently relinquished my position as a moderator/curator on the weku platform, again for the same reasons - family, who are the most important of anything, or anyone! Good decision, I hope you are getting others to continue the pixel perfect lessons, I finally completed lesson 3 and submitted it!!! Good luck, hope to see you around sometime! I loom forward to the app! Oh, are you still thinking about a move over to Thailand????

Well. On a just purely selfish note, I hate to see you even away for a day 😂

Not that I don't, just that you shouldn't. Ahahahaha There's some on line logic for you.

So have some fun. Kick the dogs, throw the cats (you can throw the cats at the kids for bonus points) and enjoy life in general. Hell, if you don't have enough to do I can sell you a motorcycle...

Take care of you and yours. It's important.


Throwing the cats at the kids sounds like a great time. I wish I could buy a motorcycle from you. That would be pretty fun. I think I am done buying anything like that while we live here in the US. Maybe after we move out of the US I will buy a motorcycle or something to scoot around on.

You're right, the family is the most important thing in this life and sometimes we neglect it because we do not focus on a project or just do not like to be here, because we do not like interacting with other people, reading interesting content, because there are really extraordinary authors in whaleshares.

We spend so much time focused on this type of platform that we do not forget:

  • What is playing with our children!
  • In your case you neglected your real work "photography".
  • We neglect our wife and we forget to give her affection.

But in reality one does not waste much time in whaleshares most of our time we lose in the discord interacting between communities and exchanging opinions, or simply joking with your new friends.

Balance is so hard.. but yes it is really important. Family comes before everything else. Will be sad not to see you around so often and I hope we still get to share in your wonderful photography work.

I know that personally you've been a great support to me and I really appreciate it. Best of luck and hope to see you around every know and then.

I took on the coin project as a little surprise, to give back to Deranged to thank him for his continued support, however the coin giff was made by @RockSG This guy has some skills, look up his work https://whaleshares.io/@rocksg . If you're​ looking to get a coin made, or other types of 3D projects he's your guy. I will work on this contest idea and get it out soon-ish... Stay Tuned!!!

Wise words and very humble to say you neglected your family, I can but only take off my hat. having a break, step back are fully part of an healthy life ❤️

That said, I miss you and I hope you will never leave completely, what would be Whaleshares without you! I wish you can find the balance ❤️ Oh and waiting on you travel to Switzerland, sooner, later, what ever, I'll be here!

Take care! Smiles and hugs

Perfect title.
Enjoy, rinse, repeat.
Wonderful when a couple escapes the command of the grid.
Send more inspiration.
I'll try and remember an ocean pick for my weekly Atlantic visit tomorrow.

I will miss you and your photography... And the photo-lessons. When I saw the title of this post I thought it would be a new one... And from some point of view, it is.
The time with our family is the most precious we can have and it is really time-consuming to be here permanently.
Enjoy your time you save and use it wisely.
You have done a lot for the photographer community. I'm looking forward to having you back in the future.

Enjoy your time away bud, you deserve a good disconnect and refresh. I'm looking forward to your return whenever it may be.

Keep it real 👍

have a good break buddy, I hope it gives you the time and space to breathe. These platforms can be all consuming and sometimes its important to take a step back from it all.

Glad you are taking a little break from online, @derangedvisions - So important.

Enjoy your family.

Much love

It's sad, however I understand your reasons. We are waiting for you here, so whenever you decide to come back and join us, you are always welcome! 😊

Have a great time with your family.💑

Real life and spending time with family is always important, and we know when it's time to disconnect for a bit!
Hope you came back refreshed and rejuvenated, take care :)

You are so right about family being the most important thing. It can become consuming being fully engaged in the communities here on Whaleshares and Steemit. Taking a break is needed to help refocus things. I will look forward to your return. You are truly one of the great people that I have met here online and I am glad to have had that opportunity.

Your posts are very high quality

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I like it your post

Thank you

Family is most important. Take care and spend time with your family.

Take care Wes. My Discord is always open for you


Thanks. I will still be in and out, commenting on things here and there.

i think you should suspend your coin if u no longer have a presence here, u cannot just automate it as a profit bot ..... is this is even allowed?

Good for you! No seriously...

It's very easy to get so deeply entrenched in these virtual worlds we're part of that we forget to find time for the things that really matter in our lives... like family, quiet time and even just sitting on a bench, tossing a ball for the dog. I know this well, not just as a blockchain blogger, but as someone with a brick-and-mortar art gallery and two eBay based sales businesses.

Remember to enjoy the stillness!

Great to hear that you are taking a break, but not leaving for good 😄

Enjoy some time with family and friends. Feel free to message me whenever.

Balance is everything in life. Hope you get to travel with your family and realize those dreams. It is indeed an amazing world out there.

I understand your reasons, and they make sense. I have to step away from time to time as well. Thank you for everything you do to support the community.