Can we really show up for others when we are hurting ourselves?

3 months ago

This post is dedicated to @erodedthoughts


This question has been on my mind today.

Do we have the ability to really show up for other people when we are in pain and moving through a big emotional process ourselves?

I do wonder about this.

For me personally, I think it's a 'No'.

Like right now.

I am sleeping extremely bad.
I am in and on an emotional rollercoaster.
I am emotionally spent.
I have contradicting feelings throughout the whole day.

Basically, any moment of attention, quality time and energy I have, I spend on myself (and maybe a little bit on the boyfriend)

But in this state, can I show up for others? Nope. I don't think so.

I notice it digitally too.
I see others doing massive amounts of good work in terms of helping communities and people.
And some of these people I know are going through these big problems and yet they show up and do their thing and do it well.


And at the same time, TELL ME YOUR SECRETS. ;)

I could feel bad about this.
But I don't.

Because I know that for each person this process is different.

And this is mine.

I can be the most engaged, online and interested person but only if I am in a good place, space and energy.

And that takes work.

A daily thing.
A so-called upkeep of my emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing.


You honestly don't want to meet me when I am knackered and am cranky.

I can be pretty horrible really.

And at the same time, I'd tell you why I am being a bit of a difficult witch. HAHA.

It's all about communication right? ;)

So what about you?
What do you think?

Can you show up for someone else fully when not being fully 'good' yourself?

Awaiting your answer and looking forward to the discussion,


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We are all going through something every day. It is not always the easiest thing to show up all the time. It is not even easy talking some days. Sometimes it helps to read what others have been through. Sometimes it helps to just sit in a voice chat and listen to people talk. We all hurt and the more of a giving and caring person you are the more it hurts.

Life pretty much can suck at any time the real trick is to just power on. It is no easier for any of us there is no magic trick to learn.

At times I question myself. What should I do?What can I do? Was I right? Was I wrong? What does this mean? what will happen if I will do this or that? I don't always have the answers.

But I don't think that such thing as "being fully 'good' yourself" even exist. No matter who we are, what we do or where we are in life we will always have some concerns, scars and struggles. So to some extent "being fully 'good' yourself" is just an illusion. Something we tell ourselves so we could continue to face our struggles. But that is not bad thing. In my mind having dreams and hopes for the better future are signs that we are alive and not merely exist in this world.


Thank you for answering and for also showing a piece within myself that needs work!!! Much love ❤️

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