Oh my! It's my first ever Whaleshares post! Please allow me to..

2 months ago

Hmm.. Let me introduce myself :)

Let's just give it a go!

Hi there! I know, not many followers I have just yet as I just got my account set up today. One actually! Just one follower which is @offoodandart who actually helped me open the Whaleshare account. As I was so overwhelmed with all the steps.

My passion for contents creating

I actually heard about this platform from @chefsteve, a fellow friend from the other platform, Steemit.com! I have been into creating content for already a bit over half a year and yes, loving it so far. I mostly do food, travel and lifestyle contents and I really try to do it good.

Oh! I also got my own website which I put the some of the written and video contents combined!


Oh! also my YouTube channel. Check it out if you'd like!

jj market.png
The biggest weekend market in world!
Puppet Show.png
The beautiful and authentic Thai puppet show
Went chillax by a canal right in Bangkok

㋛ Whaleshares and I

This is LITERALLY MY FIRST POST! I just knew about the platform yesterday and decided to give it a go. To be honest, I'm the kind of 'TL:DR' so no, I haven't done much or a research and learning what - why - when - where is this Whaleshares platform. I was shocked to lock into it at first and browse around a bit. It's totally a Steemit's cousin or brother.. They are soooo similar don't you think?

I haven't decided yet what kind of contents should I focus on here or should it be pretty much the same (or same) as on the other platform as I would have different audiences (?) anyways. Let's see how it goes!

I don't even know it there will be anyone reading this so let's just stop right here for now.

Check out my previous posts!

Exotic and beautiful Thai puppet show!

My BANGKOKOKOK Project's started!

My Entry For SteemFest Ticket Giveaway *Please go tell them , you want me there! :P


It's so compact and affordable. Yes! It's great for vlogging as well :)
Great sound creates great video contents so yes, the mic needed
This thing makes my life so much easier. Yes, it does!

㋡ Check them out on AMAZON

㋡ Oh! Best deals on FLIGHTS and HOTELS


All copy and photos are original content by me.

© waybeyondpadthai.com

Lots of lots of love,

Mo ❤

We would love to talk to you ! on Fundition Discord server & eSteem Discord server

Oh! Come say hi on my Youtube channel !!! ㋛

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Welcome, it seems more and more people are joining whaleshares.


Noiceeeee. Let's see how it goes. I'm new! I'm super new! hahaha :D

Hey Mo, Glad you made it on. It seems like we are in some kind of parallel universe here at Whaleshares! haha! Hope it all works out!


Yes! That's actually the word I was looking for.. the parallel world LOLOL

Hey @waybeyondpadthai! Welcome to whaleshares ... we're both new to this platform but am looking forward to a great time here on whaleshares!


Thanks for setting me up in this parallel world Anna !!!! ❤ :)


You’re so welcome! It’s nicd to be with someone familiar!

welcome to Whaleshares @waybeyondpadthai, glad you were able to make your way over here! Look forward to salivating over more of your enticing food posts over here as well! :)


Haha Thanks Alex! I have to browse around a bit more to get familiar! (looks familiar, actually hahah). Thanks for all the help and answering all the question as well ❤

Hello @waybeyondpadthai , welcome to Whaleshares and thank you for introducing yourself to us!
We just rewarded your post so you can start your journey on this amazing platform with the right foot!
- Remember, if you have any questions or want to get involved with the Whaleshares community you can join our Official Whaleshares Discord and ask your questions.
- To get the latest updates and upcoming features please follow @whaleshares.
Warm welcome from @black-man and @artwhale-witness, we are happy to see you here and wish you an amazing journey in Whaleshares!

Hi @waybeyondpadthai I have followed you over on steemit as well under @gmatthe2


Oh! Hahaha Thank you. Glad to see you here and there :) ❤

Welcome :) I come from steemit too