Hello from New Jersey!

2 months ago

I am an artist, I love playing with wire, making weird sculptures and also wrapping all kind of stones and crystals and turn them in wearable jewelry.

Lately I picked up the hobby of blogging. And guess what? Besides sharing my thoughts and opinions on various life situations, health and wellness issues, philosophical stuff, I also write DIY tutorials. 😊

So guys... holiday season is around the corner. Follow me and you will get some nice tips on how to make some cute jewelry and other little things you can give as gifts to your loved ones.

Nothing shows more love than a handmade little something. Even better, if YOU made it yourself!


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You have been awarded "Star Whale Of The Day"!

I would love to learn how to make jewelry :)


Thank you! You will learn, my picture tutorials are very simple, perfect for beginners. 😊

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Thank you, I did, looking forward to make new friends 😊

Hi @starjewel I know you from Steemit already, but I want to give you a warm welcome here too :) enjoy! Hope to see many of your great creations here :)


Hi sweety, I will try my best to keep up with posting on both platforms. I am not sure about the cross posting, because I know that steemit doesn’t accept duplicate content. Let’s see what happens. Nice to see you here, I am following you of course. 😊


Masdacs publishes the post on steemit first . Almost every post I made here ia posted with masdacs.. nothing happened. If it would post on WhaleShares before Steemit, it probably would get a visit from cheetah ;-)


That’s true. I will do it then. I was worried, I don’t want to mess my hard earned reputation on steemit 😊

I agree with that, nothing says love than handmade. Welcome!


Very true and thank you for stopping by!