My introduction, my first post! Hello world of Whaleshares!

2 months ago

What excitement! Another opportunity for you to know me.

Hello community hope you are well, I honestly do not know how to start this presentation, the nice thing is to see so many people who share the Discord.

How did I get here?... The one who told me about this platform was @andrades and then @UNISAT and @kantos helped me but really that I was patient and could get help was @steamdan really thank you very much Daniel.

My name is Catherine Haack, but they all call me Cathy, even my family calls me that, for the real and virtual world I am cathyhaack. By the way Haack is my last name, I'm not hacker or anything like that.

I graduated as a graphic designer in the years 1600 but then I studied cooking and exercised but what I ended up passionate and I started in the year 2006 is in photography, II never had to leave the design much less the kitchen because of a certain way all is N United.

It is this world I entered by chance and every day I learn more and try to keep pace but I confess that I still have much to learn but as I say to my acquaintances some time I can understand this world very well but meanwhile I continue sharing and enjoying Of this world, the truth I am very grateful to meet so many wonderful people every day.

Currently in the discord in the community of musketeers every Thursday at 10:00 pm Venezuela time I have my photo podcast called PHOTOCAT. Every Thursday I talk about an author and through his works commented on the techniques and biography of the photographer. I hope you will be encouraged to go.

And finally not to bore my other hidden talent is poetry, I love to write, various ways of writing, can be existentialist or erotic stories, as some prose, the truth I do not consider good for the pros but there are some that are Cole, also Leo, currently trying to recover the habit of reading because for lack of time could read more.

Grateful to the community of Beyond Bitcoin Castellano y Costelación for being super attentive to the new users and make us part of this community. Thanks team!

PD: Heart already busy! That's the good thing about discord the truth one makes great friendships, and we support each other and sometimes we find a little more... As some of my acquaintances found the something more.

Grateful to all communities for their continued support of our Hispanic family.

I hope you liked it.
Thank you for visiting/reading me.
See you next time.

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welcome to this great family , hope you have fun

Hello @cathyhaack , welcome to Whaleshares and thank you for introducing yourself to us!
We just rewarded your post so you can start your journey on this amazing platform with the right foot!
- Remember, if you have any questions or want to get involved with the Whaleshares community you can join our Official Whaleshares Discord and ask your questions.
- To get the latest updates and upcoming features please follow @whaleshares.
Warm welcome from @black-man and @artwhale-witness, we are happy to see you here and wish you an amazing journey in Whaleshares!


Thanks, I enter the discord and suggestions! A hug! See ya

amiga bienvenida. Un fuerte abrazo para ti


If you would ever like any of your poetry sung let me know as I do that live on my Radio Evolved shows on Sundays.

Supporting the independent music scene - fans & artists alike!

Sounds like a woman of many talents, welcome!