Ahoy WhaleSharians!! Allow me to #introducemyself with a SM themed bikini top?!

2 months ago

First off the answer is, 'Yes', you read that title right...

Though I originally intended to write an official #introduceyourself post, where I went into explicit detail about how incredibly awesome I am, in reality I'm pretty shy, with the socializing skills of a fully grown potato...
Furthermore, humans tend to lie & smooth over their ugly bits when meeting new people, so in an attempt to be as REAL as possible, I opted to show you a bit of what I've been working on instead. As an artist by trade, I'm a firm believer that the best way to get to know ANYONE really, is through the work that they do, with focused love & attention, as no words could ever fully explain the immeasurable complexity that is an individual's existence.

But enough of that fluff, let's get on with the good stuff!

In case you haven't heard, over 27K SteemMonster booster packs sold yesterday! 👏 👏 👏

The @steemmonsters Alpha pre-sale is officially over and with the SM Kickstarter having met it's initial pledge of 50K, we're now onto the Beta cards, which are due to be released on October 1st. Not only did the KS campaign CRUSH its initial goal, but at the 150 backers mark, the SM community also defeated the level 1 Boss fight, which unlocked $10 daily SM Tournaments!

One boss down, one to go!

Level 2 Boss Fight - '30 Articles Of SM Themed Clothing' 🤸‍♀️


This is my entry; a Lightning Dragon themed bikini top!


See here for full submission details.

Will we defeat him in time? I sure hope so!



Assorted Acrylics & Watercolors

  1. White (initial dragon outline, wings & underbelly)
  2. Yellow (horns, hooves & SM logo)
  3. Navy Blue (main body shadow)
  4. Purple (tongue)
  5. Blue (main body & mixed /w/ #1 for wings)
  6. Burnt Yellow (horns, hooves & SM logo)
  7. WC Orange (pigment addition for SM logo, mixed /w/ #2 & #10)
  8. WC Burnt Yellow (pigment addition for horns & hooves, mixed /w/ #2)
  9. Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic (lightning, mixed /w/ #1 & #5)
  10. Gold Acrylic (SM logo)
    The arrows point to my brushes, of which I used a #4 flat tip & lastly a can of clear acrylic paint sealant to finish the job.

...And one random Bikini top


Now that's out of the way, let's see how I made it!

Step 1 - L. Dragon - Outline 🖌

I started off with a plain black bikini top and used white for the base outline, as it provides the perfect primer for layering colors onto.


Forgot to stop and take a progress picture before I started painting the horns, whoops...😕 They were done using straight yellow acrylic for the highlights & a mixture of burnt yellows for their cast shadows.

Step 2 - L. Dragon - Color Application 🎨


Starting with my darks first (navy blue & purple), I filled out the main body shadows & tongue, before moving to the lighter blue for the highlights.


The wings were done with a mixture of white & light-blue; this mix was also used as the color base for the lightning, with a few drops of the liquid pearlescent for added shimmer.

Step 3 - SM Logo - The Finishing Touch 💪


Unlike the dragon, the SM logo was primed using straight yellow acrylic. I then mixed WC orange, WC burnt yellow & acrylic gold, to achieve a subtle transition from dark to light whilst again, adding a slight sheen. ✨


And here's the finished product!

What do you guys think?

Let me know in the comments! Feel free to also check out my steemit accounts;
https://steemit.com/@munkiioh - Which is where this article was first posted

Though admittedly there hasn't been much going on there for a while...

Thanks for viewing & until next time,


le- @crystalhuman & I

Originally posted from my @munkiioh steemit account.

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I love being the first one...hello


waves frantically HIIIIIII!!!!!! :D


...and second

That’s impressive art work, I’m sure aggy will be begging you for a full line of SM clothing designs now 😁


One could hope! XP
And thanks man, I'm glad you loike eeet :3

At first I thought this was going to be a # nsfw post, then I saw the name so I read the title to find out what was happening lol.
Welcome to whaleshares, hope you win the comp, awesome art work. I thought maybe photo shop at first glance. Well done!


I've had a lot of practice making hand painted clothes, but a good as photoshop? Hell yeah, thanks!

Interesting! BOOBS.. and something about.. a dragon??

Haha. I jest. Nicely done. That's some seriously impressive artistry skills if you did that by hand.


Yes it was all done my hand.lol Before @crystalhuman and I found out about crypto, we made money through a variety of odd jobs, one of which was custom hand painted clothing & t-shirts. Unfortunately when it takes roughly 2 days to make one and we were making roughly $150TTD per item, it wasn't lucrative enough to be a sustainable business, at least not one geared towards Trinidadians. :/


Hopefully showcasing it on whaleshares will help :)


Here's hoping! :)
fingers & tosies crossed