Make your brain hurt in the best way.

2 months ago


Joe Rogan Experience - Elon Musk

If you have a couple hours I highly recommend you spend it watching this. This is my favorite Joe Rogan podcast to date, it was released a few days ago, everyone needs this in their life.

Join Joe and Elon as they discuss...

  • Flame Throwers
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • The Universe
  • Teslas
  • Traffic
  • Solar Energy
  • The Future

I enjoy watching and reading things that make me think, particularly if they make me a little uncomfortable at the same time.

Try never to be the smartest person in the room, if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people … or find a different room. -Michael Dell (2003)

I'm prohuman -Elon Musk

me too.


All the love-


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Im only 30 minutes in so far and this is the best interview ever!


Good stuff indeed! I watched it twice.

It's incredible how little Elon Musk actually says :D No words are wasted. Cracked me up quite a few times as well xD

My boyfriend has watched this too and was impressed by this interview. I still need to watch it myself though :) This was the same interview as where he smoked a joint right? That the media was speaking about it, but not about all the interesting things they've discussed in the interview ..


Yes, they drank liquor and smoked... worth watching....but that is the least impressive thing that occured


Yes that's what my bf friend too.. its a weird world that out of all things they made a fuzz out of that.. lol ..

good information, those are the people we need in this platform, good post

I watched this a few days ago when the internet went crazy because Musk took a hit of nature's gift. Musk's opinion about living in a simulation is though provoking. I agree with you @krazykrista. This is a must watch episode.


The part that resonated with me most was the part about our phones being an extension of ourselves, and the thought that some day we may all have AI integrated


I think we will see this in our lifetime on a mass scale. I wouldn't mind if it weren't used to track us and restrict our liberties. People say it's cool as long as the government isn't doing it's called the military industrial complex for a reason

Lol, i think this is interesting...i just watched a bit of it and i think i will continue later after am back from work