📷 ilovenature challenge - Water Wednesday

2 months ago

Hello Again Lovely Whaleshare Adventurers

@starjewel's photo challenge today is Water. I'm a water baby (Cancer star sign) Although I actually prefer to look at it rather than be in it - possibly an unresolved trauma from watching too many Jaws movies as a child!

These are some photos I took when travelling through Croatia and we stopped at Plitvice national park. Plitvice is a chain of 16 terraced lakes, and are arguably one of the most stunning natural sights in Europe. I am surprised when talking to others who've visited Croatia or are planning to that they don't have this on their list. Admittedly I found out when I was planning my trip from a Croatian colleague at work. Once I'd seen photos I knew we could not miss it!

Anyway enough of the chit-chat, please enjoy my holiday snaps and don't forget to participate in this great challenge!






Til the next adventure - wishing you Love and Light


LocationPlitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
CameraSamsung NX300
LensSamsung 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 ED OIS
EditingAdobe Photoshop


cats whaleshares.png

My beautiful UpCats were designed by the one and only beautiful @ryivhnn (Steemit) and are based on my beautiful Ava the Princess Cat.

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This looks so beautiful. And this Plitvice National Park is on my wishlist for locations to photograph. Great photo's.


it's well worth going!

Without doubt, this is nature at its peak. Nature is life and life is nature. We have to learn a lof from the existence of nature. These pics are so amazing.

The blue waters look out of this world.

Love the blues.
Seems like the place to Photograph!


the colour - I think from limestone in the water - is just stunning.. So many great places to photograph... I could have put up about 50 :)

Croatia looks like such a great place to visit. That water looks amazing. I really like the layers you have in that last image where you have the upper body of water feeding into the lower one via the waterfall. It just looks like such a cool place to go exploring.

it's amazing how beautiful our pachamama is ... Thanks for sharing

Wonderful places, so serene. Great vacation destination @velaris

Breathtakingly beautiful!

Looks amazing - the colour of that water is incredible!

Wooow, awesome photography, i like much @velaris

All i can say about those pictures is wow!
Natural and lovely

The scenery looks amazing. How was the weather?