Video Tutorial: How to Start a Whaleshares Account

2 months ago

HOW TO_.png

Just wanted to share this in a post of it's own, since it was a little buried in my 'introduce yourself' post!

Feel free to share with others that may need help getting started, I want to help onboard as many people as possible here!

Here's the Video!

Much love! xoxo Candi

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Excelente iniciative!! Really apreciate you bringing tutorials for the Whale-newbs!



Thanks Chucky! Hopefull someone else finds it helpful! I shared it on all my social accounts too, I'm kind of a social media junkie lol!


OH - BTW childs play was my all-time favorite movie when I was a kid haha. Until my mom stopped letting me watch it because I said 'shit' XD


Thats what we're here for, to build Whaleshares. Our community comes second. Here we go👊

awesome! now I have smthg to recommend friends on how to :)

I watch your all videos because I love big things. :p


If thats what youre into, thats exactly what we are here for. We will be the go to for all things NSFW and the witness supporting that community.