New Hairshares Jackpot - Donate Your Hair And Earn Rewards!

last month

~Your hair is the gift that keeps on growing~

Thanks to @bah for donating their hair and resetting the jackpot!

The Hairshares project is looking to reward people willing to donate their hair to a worthy cause or those able to convince a loved one to do the same.

HAIRSHARE is currently backed by over 50,000 Whalestake (or 6.7k SP on Steemit)and gives a 100% reward of 100+ WLS.

Login to your bitshares account.
Go to Transfer/Send
Send 1 HAIRSHARE for every 1% reward
(100% share requires 100 HAIRSHARE)
Send to nepd1
For the memo use the post you desire to reward.

Here's how it works. @nepd is putting aside an amount of HAIRSHARE tokens... he'll add to that total every day until someone takes the plunge and makes a hair donation. If multiple people donate on the same day (per CST calendar), they will split the rewards equally.

If you are able to get a wife, husband, sister, father, girlfriend, mother, father, babysitter, whatever... to donate their hair, that counts too! Just document it in a post and use the "hairshares" and "hairshares-jackpot" tags.

Current Prize Pool
1000 HAIRSHARE tokens (Can use for shares on Whaleshares or upvotes on Steemit)
10 SBD (thanks to @derangedvisions)

If you have extra tokens lying around that you'd like to donate, let me know in the comments and I'll add them to the Prize Pool.

In addition to earning tokens by donating your hair or helping the community, we've opened up a market for trading HAIRSHARE tokens on the @bitshares / @rudex DEX.

If you would like to support the project and purchase HAIRSHARE tokens with another CryptoAsset, that can be arranged.

How To Donate
Read the Hair Donation Tutorial to find out the requirements to send in your hair.

If you would like to donate/delegate WLS, Whaleshares, BeyondBits, your own tokens or anything to help the cause and reward hair donors, feel free to reach out to me. You can make a one-time donation to this account which helps upvote those that help the Hairshares community, or add to the Jackpot prize pool.

Interested in donating? Find me on the Hairshares Discord Channel on the Whaleshares Server or leave a comment below.

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Hey, I sent you 5 WLS to add to the jackpot. Check the wallet.
Cheers J

New jackpot starting. Go for it people.

I dont know much about hairshares donation but i will like to support the community in my own way..