Purchase CHRONO token on the market, You are going to want to own some!

last month

Hello Community I have a very wonderful surprise for you, this will be announced on the 25th of this month.

Details must be vague at the moment but you will want to get your self some CHRONO tokens.

We have been partnered with a nice Crypto Business that will be very lucrative to any one that holds CHRONO tokens.

There is only a limited time with the current price of CHRONO on the market The first round is 50,000 CHRONO tokens.

I grantee you once these sale out the price will not be the same. If we cannot sale the first round of 50,000 Tokens by end of this week we will refund it back at purchase price.

I have been working on this for 2 months now, main reason for the tokens being built!! I am super excited and you will too!


Hint* They are creating a massive Project for steem and whaleshares/smoke. You might have heard some rustle and bustle about it.

Graphene Chain

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Announced 25th?
That's Christmas day, hehe...

I guess purchasing it will be like a Christmas gift
If I can save up, why not I purchase some?

Warm regards friend!

Is it still functioning as a Whaletoken?


Yes of course

Can I use it as whaletoken to summon you.