Charity Funding Community is here (Givens).

2 months ago

Dear Friends,

Do you have a Charity or Humanitarian project that need funding?

Run to Whaleshares Project Givens which is here to help you get your project started lifting the heavy weight of lack of funds making the world a better place for ourselves, our children and the future generation.

About Givens

GIVENS are tokens you give to someone to support or fund their charity, social impact, humanitarian or community project. This Whaletoken can be used on Whaleshares to get your project shared, rewarded and funded. We believe the world can be a better place when we give back to our society.

We need humanitarian ideas like Givens in our daily life. For Givens to have come in this dispensation, everyone should take advantage of by just simply following the steps below.

Givens bring Hope, Assurance of a better future. Embrace it now.

Support are available on our discord server where you can join to ask all the questions if you encounter any problems funding your project. We also have weekly giveaway on the server where you can have the opportunity to win Givens which you can use to reward/shared your post.

Note that you have to write about your project first using tag Givens which the team might shared/reward if it meet our standards. JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER ABOVE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

In the world today where there is war, natural disaster, corruption disaster, diseases and others, we need people to step in those area affected to help others which is why we exist as Givens to help people back on their feet.

All you need to do is to be the agent of change in those places by writing about how you intend to change the situation in a long or short period of time. We will review your post looking for the following criteria:

  • What is the purpose and impact of your project?

  • Who does it benefit?

  • What is the expected budget in WLS

  • How long will the project run

  • How will you measure the success of the project

  • Who are the team members involve

Once you have successfully written a post on Whaleshares with the above criteria then go over this form and complete it. Then wait for the Audit team to reach out to you. For more information you can read Givens post here.

How we get funding to support projects

We run a witness server under the leadership of @black-man. In addition to making Whaleshares community a better place, we also use 80% of our witness earnings to fund projects. By voting for the witness @black-man you also help to make the world a better place.

How to vote

Visit this link :

  • Look for the witness name black-man
  • Click on the ^ icon to cast your vote

You can also Contact Us through our email.

Email : [email protected]

Thank you for reading. Don't forget to join our discord server.

Until next time.

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At the moment I'm ill.. I still need to fill in the form, will hopefully get to that somewhere this weekend.


Am sorry to hear. That. I wish you speedy recovery soon. Please care.


Thanks I will probably feel a lot better tomorrow. My daughter got ill first, so I knew it was coming. I'm always next ..


Ok thanks for the information but does it fund personal projects


Depends on what you mean by personal project.

Really nice, i so much love this idea and am happy its running on the wls platform.. Expect my proposal soon, thanks for posting


Sure. I will be expecting. Do well to join the Discord Server for further information.

Let’s make this place of sharing and helping the masses! 💯


Exactly what it is. Helping everyone is the reason for this platform itself.

Keep up your work of touching the world in a positive way! I am slowly making the rounds and learning about projects on Whaleshares. This is an awesome initiative.

Thanks for participating in the Sunday Promote Your Post show

great iniciative, nothing but success for you on this!