Zero Game Review : Dead Cells

2 months ago

Dead Cells


Developer : Motion Twin

Publisher : Motion Twin

Plataforms : PC

Genre : Rogue-like, Rpg, Plataform, Metroidvania.

Mode : Single Player

Release Date: 7 of August


Dead Cells it's a indie game with rogue-like and rpg, don't have much story but the gameplay is really nice.

Personal Opinion

This game is pure gameplay it's play die and repeat, have the soul of Dark Souls games only check the image for understand what i'm saying :


The visuals and the efects too are really fluid fast-paced :


This game it's awsome f**k yeah !!!


P.S: If I break any rule with that image let me know please , I will try fix it XD

Story Score : 3

Gameplay Score : 9.5

Graphics/Art Score : 9.5

Originality Score : 8

Total Score : 7.5

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this sounds interesting .... i would like to play since i have played this game before. kudo for the heads up