Food Photography Theme - Turkey Legs at the Fair

last month


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

I'm not a chef. But I'm passionate about food - the tradition of it, cooking it, and sharing it.

Zac Posen

Grilled turkey legs are delicious. When I was at the state fair a few months ago, this guy was grilling up some delicious meats. I remember the first time I ever had one of these things. It was HUGE and it was so good. I love grilling and smoking meat. I can't wait for winter to be over so it can be grilling season again.

SettingsISO 100 88 mm f/4 1/1000
CameraCanon 5D Mark IV
LensCanon 24-105mm f/4
LocationSalt Lake City, Utah
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Especially tasty cooked meat on the coals.

They look dynamite. I wish we were more barbeque orientated over here in the UK, we're missing out.

Have you seen the, 'It's Alive with Brad Leone' series? There is an awesome episode in there where he goes to a BBQ place where the cook up whole hogs. Looks absolutely divine (Plus the series are incredible, Brad is funny as fuck).


That video was awesome. It made me want to build a grill like what they had. I had some BBQ in South Carolina while I was traveling and it was amazing. The southern part of the US has some great BBQ.


It's a good vibe for sure, make sure you give his camping videos a watch.. next level outdoor cooking 👌

@monchhichi23 lives down in New Orleans and she's always chatting about BBQ and Seafood, the jealousy levels are at 100%. I'm definitely going to make a visit at some point to soak up the food culture over in America, it's definitely something to explore deeply.

As I would like in my state to do food fair or something similar do 10 years ago this was a custom and a tradition but now this is like an urban legend you can only hear stories of those times and nothing more.

By the way very good catch you are a very good photographer.

I am a big fan of fried turkey. I fry one up every chance I get but I am quickly falling in love with the air fryer and the instapot my wife got for christmas. I can make roast in the instapot in about 3 hours and it is amazingly tender.


I have never tried a fried turkey Thanksgiving. I have a lot of friends that fry theirs up. I smoke mine in my pellet smoker every year. I got an instapot this Christmas as well. That thing is awesome. I made some chicken tacos in there a few days ago and it only took 15 minutes.

Turkey legs this is delicious, I have been able to taste the legs of turkey and they are very well roasted like the legs of chicken, I enjoy roasted things very much, delicious, they look very big those legs

Those turkey legs are big and juicy, I like to cook and eat

East and West, food is the best!

I'm also passionate about food, especially the eating part👀 and grilling in summer is so much fun! Sitting outside with the family and eating all those yummy foods, I just can't wait.


Grilling out with some cold drinks and good friends is the best.

Cool capture! I think barbecue food tastes the best and if I lived in a house I would get my grill on everyday! Unfortunately my condo doesn't allow me to have a barbecue. This year I will have to move and make it happen!!

Yummy Friday photochallenge. I am yet to explore this delicious cuisine.