Hello Whaleshares

3 months ago


How are you?

This is my first post on here.

Been on Steemit for over a year and thought I'd check this place out.

I am an abstract artist mainly working with resin.
I think the cryptoworld is great.
And I don't really know what else to write so I am going to end this post here.


Looking forward to see what this space has to offer.

Much love,


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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
So glad to see you. One of my favorite Steemit people, ever!

I left you a little welcome gift, most of the old gang is here as well. Damn, I am so glad to see you.


<3 <3 <3
So much love between us ;)



Today an awesome soul joined who I had not had the chance yet to invite as I thought she was still heavily working on a former project. Her name is @ashleykalila and she does a lot of awesome things in any community she joins so treat her well and she will amaze you, I promise.

The thing she really captured my heart with was a project called Humans of Steemit. I had agreed to do a one year follow up with her as I was the 13th person to be interviewed by her. I don't think it has been a year yet but I hope she will continue that project here and I want to also once again reserve #13 if she does for my follow up interview.


yeah, Humans of Whaleshares is a must! It makes sense completely!


Why this is MEGA sweet!!! What a compliment 🌸

Welcome by the way XD

I think you'll like it here... Pastures seem greener, less drama, etc!!!

And the Whales will definitely like you — you've been about community since day 1 and that's impossible to fake!!


So sweet of you to say!!
We shall see what happens!

why didnt you use a tag of introduce anyway welcome :)


Because I didn't realize I had to :P Put it on there now so we will see


It should say "introduceyourself" and it should be the first tag... Change it AGAIN :D

Welcome to Whaleshares! It makes sense that you're here! Glad to reunite with old friends on this platform that is all about community... 😍 You are fitting right in!