EOS Bingo

4 months ago

Do you like bingo? Ya know it's not always an old person's sport :P

EOS Bingo

There is a project called EOS Bingo where users can play live bingo (4 times a week, or so) with other players, and can possibly win EOS. It cost 0.1 EOS to buy a card to use for bingo. Then you get 70% of the pot if you win (other 30% is "for operating and maintaining EOS Bingo and other fun games to come in the future!")


I'm liking the idea of EOS. I heard about it awhile ago, but just got into it in the last week. I've been learning how to make contracts, and I have a great game that I think I can make. I might make a dev log on my progress of learning, or like a learn a long. Anyways let me know what you think in the comments below :)

Bingo Game In 50 Minutes

There is a bingo game in about 43 minutes from this post's creation time. You must have Scatter Browser Extension installed and setup. The website is https://eosbingo.net/ and telegram here: https://t.me/EOSBingo

If you can't make the current one, you can always join future ones.


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Interesting, i will put this on my to-do list to check out.