Deranged Photography Contest is back

11 days ago


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Deranged Photography is back


Deranged Photography Contests is back on Whaleshares. Now that I have DerangedCoin listed and automated, I can support my own contest. We also have a lot more members of the platform than we did when I initially started the contest on the platform, so I am hoping to see more participation.

Sports Theme


The theme is sports. So let's see some people in action. There are many different sports played around the world, so this could be pretty cool for everyone to share different sports that are native to your area where you live. I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with.

So what is the Deranged Photography Contest and what makes it different than all the other ones?


Most photo contest get a lot of entries and then one or two people win because their photos are amazing. Of course it is cool to reward the best photo, but what about those that are new to photography or not quite up to the professional level? Many times those people get discouraged seeing the same few names winning all of the competitions across platforms like this. I saw this happening way too often and I saw people from all over the world with amazing images that could still use some sort of recognition for the work that they are doing. So I decided that I wanted to put together a contest that rewarded people of all skill levels.

The contest will be broken up into three different tiers. Each will have a different payout for the winners based on what tier you enter into. Here is a breakdown of the winning based on the tiers:

1st150 DerangedCoin125 DerangedCoin100 DerangedCoin
2nd125 DerangedCoin100 DerangedCoin75 DerangedCoin
3rd100 DerangedCoin75 DerangedCoin50 DerangedCoin

Each contest will be open for submissions for one week. I will be posting a new contest theme each Saturday and it will run until the following Saturday. Then I will make a winners announcement post after I close submissions on that Saturday.

How to enter


When you enter a photo in the competition, you will state what tier you want to be judged in and locked in for the month at that level. Also put your BTS address in the comment with your submission so I can track where to send your winnings. This is a very important step, do not forget to put your BTS address!!

For example if you enter a photo, you drop the photo in the comment section, state what level of photographer you are, and then give a description of the photograph. It is always cool to hear about the pictures instead of just having a picture dropped with no description.

If you want to make your own post and reference the contest in your post, that would be awesome, just remember to post your picture in the comment section along with your post link. This is a great way to get more exposure and earn rewards separate from the contest post itself. Plus making a post gives you the opportunity to share a lot of pictures instead of just one. Just remember, the picture that you post in the comment section of the contest post is the one that will be judged.

Be sure to use the tag #derangedphotography when making a post to make it easy to find your posts.

Additional Notes


  • Only one submission per contest. Extra submissions will be not be counted.

  • You can switch your tier ONE time per month, but only if you are moving up into a higher tier, for example if you are currently in the amateur tier, but you think that you have a photograph that you want to enter in the professional tier, you can state that you are changing your tier to professional. You will then be locked into the new tier for the remainder of the month. You are not able to move down to a lower tier, like going from amateur to the beginner tier.

  • If you do not state wish tier you want to be judged in for the month, I will leave a comment to remind you to do so, but if you don't respond, you will be assigned to a tier and locked in for that month.

  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form. All submissions must be your own work. I will investigate every entry so if you are caught plagiarizing you will be blacklisted from competing in any future contests. It is not worth it to try and cheat, especially with the 3 tier set up where everyone has an equal shot of winning.

  • I have edited the prize pool to incentives people to push themselves to compete in the higher tiers. As time goes, I will can continue to make edits to the contest to best suit the community.

  • Once again, put your BTS address in the comments with your submission.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Now go out and shoot some amazing pictures!


I hope you are all excited about this new contest. The contest themes will be different than what you are used to seeing, and I am doing this to encourage everyone to get out and shoot new pictures. If you are a life long professional nature photographer, some of the themes may push you to try and learn something new. If you are just a beginner photographer, this is a great place to have fun shooting all sorts of exciting styles and learn in the process.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

I am looking forward to seeing all of your great submissions. Have fun taking those pictures!!



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Powlathanga Campdraught.jpg

This is a shot of my brother in law competing in a camp-draft. The sport is thought to have developed in informal competitions among the early stockmen and drovers of outback Queensland to prove horse skills. Campdrafting is a unique Australian sport involving a horse and rider working cattle. The rider “cuts out” a beast from a mob of cattle in the “camp” or yard, and then has to block and turn the beast at least two or three times to demonstrate that they have the beast under control. The aim is then to direct the chosen beast out of the yard and through a course in a figure eight involving right and left hand turns around pegs, before controlling it through the final "gate" consisting of two pegs . The outside component of the course must be completed in less than 40 seconds. The first formal campdrafting competition occurred in Tenterfield at the Tenterfield Show Society's 1885 show with this shot being taken at the Powlathanga Campdraught in Far North Queensland. Australia . - Comp level Professional


Great shot. I sent you 200 DerangedCoin since there were only a few entries in the contest.


Great shot. I sent you 200 DerangedCoin since there were only a few entries in the contest.

Tour de France! What else.....

Cat. Amateur
BTS sar1

Thanks for your time!


Great shot. I sent you 200 DerangedCoin since there were only a few entries in the contest.


many thanks! This competition is very stimulating for me. I try to get out of my comfort zone!



This picture refers to playing football on the beach on the river Narmada me and my friends went for the enjoyment. One month back it was all fun playing on the beach.


Great shot. I sent you 200 DerangedCoin since there were only a few entries in the contest.

I am glad to know that you are back, the photo contests or any kind of events are always interesting and fun, I hope to participate.

But I have a question? Should I use a camera or a phone can I take photos?

Since I only have my old Samsung S3 mini phone. @derangedvisions


You can use whatever you have to take the pictures for my contests. They are set up so people of all skill levels and people with different sets of equipment can participate and have an equal shot at winning.


Perfect my dear friend, I'll be on the lookout.

This is awesome news @derangedvisions . Can I still submit old photos I took some time ago and never got published or showcased?

I hardly get to go out with my D90 recently due to many engagements and obligations.

Thanks. Very interesting and exciting.

I still have pixel perfect assignments to work on, but after almost a month off I come back to seeing these comps running yet again, fantastic news!!! Hmmmm, I think it is time to get some more biking shots!