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2 months ago

πŸ“£ Announcement

As I announce last night in the Whaleshares Hang Out After Party, bHIVE is establishing a team for a curation initiative that we are calling Curation Nation.

The idea is to have 7 curators, from different parts of the world, who each have a "theme" to their curation. This team will manually swarm the Whaleshares platform looking for great content to share and reward from the bHIVE account. The team will consist of 6 longterm curators that will remain on the team for an extended period and 1 guest curator that will change every week. Curators will propose their own "theme" for curating. We are not only looking for topic themes but also unique ideas themes like:

  • 13 day old undervalued posts
  • curating great comments
  • outstanding introduction posts

So put on your thinking caps and come up with a unique theme that captures our attention.

Each curator will provide a weekly summary highlighting the best 3 to 5 posts they curated.

I am pleased to announce that @erodedthoughts will lead this team and oversee the initiative.

More details of the initiative will be provide in the kick-off post, but in the meantime we are looking for curators to fill out the team. If you are interested in joining the team as a curator, please fill out an application at our Discord server. We are interested in curating posts in different languages so if someone is fluent in another language check us out.

Join Curation Nation and submit an application
to be a curator on our team!

We still have some curator spots open on the regular team and are also looking to start a list for weekly guest curators. If you are interest in seeking one of these spots please visit our Discord bHIVE Curation Nation and apply in either #application-team-curator or #application-guest-curator. Please check the pinned message for what information is required.

πŸ‘€ Keep Watching

Keep watching for #curation-nation as our goal is to have everything in place and start curating in the next couple weeks.

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Wow wow... Such an amazing initiative @bhive. I would love to be included in the curation team. I will head to the discord server ASAP to fill the forms. Thank you again for this opportunity.

I will try to be in the server for the next 12 or so hours to talk with anyone who stops in today. I would like to get to know each of you on as much of a personal level as possible as we review applications.


@erodedthoughts I Believe You Will Be One Of The Best Team Leader In This Project Great To Have You Sir


I will do my best, this about so much more than just rewarding a post with wls. This is just the beginning of the great things to come.

I have been watching keenly not to miss the update when it arrive after it was spoken about in the hangout and luckily found it on time πŸ˜€

I have submitted my application already

This is an awesome and great development from @bhive.
With all heart I would love to be among of the curators most especially representing Africa of which I hail from.
Thumbs up bhive this is one of the best have seen this week.

Such an amazing vacancy and means to promote amazing content. Heading to the server now.

Awesome! This is a great initiative as curators are equally important on the platform as users, the more the better...

WHAT a great initiative!! And being a curator (being able to seek out those great quality posts and finding active members) takes patience and at times... being a good detective!

Congrats @erodedthoughts for leading up this group of curators!

I Would Love To Be Part Of Curator Team

I would like to support great nature contents, i have a little proyect in this way
Thank you @bhive.
i am in El Salvador Centralamerica.


hmmm ... i wonder where this idea came from πŸ€” .... lol

@bhive i would like to be a part of this project, thx for the discord inv, greetings

Hi, I'm just starting a curation program of Spanish film themes. I would like to participate for at least a week called # la-claqueta. I am from Venezuela...

La claqueta 2.png

I just submitted my entry for curator on bhive. I think this is really a good project to those good authors and newbie who have made good posts but haven't discovered yet. I am willing to become part of your Curation Team because I am working on curie team on my past work on steemit. And I am quite sure that I am well experienced to this kind of work field. Thanks.

I like that proposal and can count on me to unconditionally support the "Curation Nation" healing project, where the quality of the authors' work is really valued and motivated to contribute with a quality platform

Waoooo is great ...... This is a goal of increasing community quickly and building a large community ... I will come to submit an application ...

i will love to join but i will need to know the requirement so i wont be lost on the way

This is a great initiative , I would love to be part of the curation team , most especially helping with the music and writing tags .

I have experienced in curation and have worked on steemit as a music curator . I would be glad if my request is granted .

I'd equally loved to be part of the team but unfortunately am only but a minnow here(newbie).
So untill i attain a reasonable height, i'd loved to keep cool and hope to able to help the community someday.

I must appreciate you for this initiative....more grace!!πŸ’“

@waybeyondpadthai, I think what we are working on could fit right here? Give it a shot?


@erodedthoughts Oh! so cool to see you be a leader on this thing. You sure will be such a great one after I have been seeing all your well written or thoughtful comments! and yes, congrats! This should be fun (?) :D ahahha

Also, this is such a great idea to help others those are not seen for their awesome hard work. Been there! and totally know how hard to be noticed in all these platforms. I hope this would help motivate people a lot more! :)



Whaleshares Name:jackjohanneshemp and droef
Location:Belguim, Netherlands
Language: dutch
Curation Theme:all sort of dutch posts
Curation Experience: i am curating for OCD and PAL community. i started de steemit community alldutch
Droef is some rl group im working for, $Droef* is a group that is always looking for Dutch talent and then gives them the opportunity to perform on one of our stages.
We believe that whaleshares can be the link between the blockchain and Droef to promote Dutch-language posts and convince people to join whaleshares.

I can't face it anymore. Maybe 1hour in one day is enough for CURATE? Is it enough if you will take me @bhive?

An interesting challenge to be a curator representing each country.

Thank you for this generous initiative! This will be an awesome way undervalued authors get heard... And I'm sure other curation projects will be started on Whaleshares soon too...

Oops. I guess i miss this chance. I would love to be part of your curators. This is my specialisation. Nevertheless, i give it to you for this initiative. Brilliant idea

I am very excited about this! I want to apply to be a part of the curator team!
Please send me the Discord invitation because the one that was on the post had expired.

this is absolutely great, creators of content will be grateful of your work.

I would like to be a Spanish-speaking curator since I am Venezuelan, but unfortunately I am new and have no voting power, I am currently creating a curation group in weku.io since there I have the resources to help other Hispanic users .
Your invitation is very tempting since I am a lover of good reading.

Great information, anyone who is the curator here, is expected to pay attention to us as beginners on the WLL, so we can create a blog that is very perfect, thankful
I have tried to enter the disk, but it always fails, whether access to the Discord has been closed

Unfortunately, the invite to the discord server has expired ...


Discord link fixed.


Submitted my application there, I see the Discord is already quite busy :)

Seems a great project. Keep up the good works!

Love the idea. Still amazed by the Whaleshares engagement. Just continues to grow.

I have submitted it but why is my application deleted in discord ... please explain ...?