Life of a Wyrm - Year Four

2 months ago

Hi Everybody !



Her spirit was growing almost as fast as her body. She was becoming a stronger and mature beast.

Showing the first signs of her first habilities and skills, along with great joy and the first attempts of flying. She got faster and more brave.

Although her eyes kept showing the great joy for existence and a wisdom yet to come.

I don't call myself her owner, but rather her partner in crime, due to the fact that we grew and are still growing together. Witnessing the marvel of her existence is enough gift for me. I guess the farmers whose sheeps were eaten by my dragon don't really think the same...


(All the images are my own creation and therefore I own their rights)

Welcome to Whaleshares, the future of cryptos!

I am Anritco, a freelance concept designer, illustrator and a sports lover. A proud member of the team of developers that gave life to Whaleshares and that is constantly looking for making it a better platform for all its users.

Whaleshares is still in development and crucial features from it are still not implemented. We are really grateful of how patient all of you are. You are all totally awesome!!


Have a great day!

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bastante bueno el diseño

Hi!! I'm new on this platform! and I also think it will be of great benefit especially for those of us who live in Venezuela...
I hope this is good!
Greetings from South America: Venezuela!

those images made it great and the write-up tells more to be focused while growing up

I love the design of your dragon, you have a lot of talent friend. What programs do you use to design?

Greetings from Venezuela @anritco, your story is very good but I feel sorry for those farmers because they ran out of their sheep. 😋

Does the monster look scary, and I see it with great pleasure, interesting content @anritco

excelente trabajo amigo lo felicito y muy buena reflexión a través de estos dragones y bonitas letras .. soy nueva en esta plataforma espero compartir muchas imágenes y palabras maravillosas con ustedes .

Man, your artwork is simply amazing. Are you planning to do tutorials on how to draw? I have a tablet and I just started recently to draw a little bit on it.

Good little dragon! Nice to meet you here, @anritco!