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4 months ago

Death and Taxes.jpg

Hi fellow whaleshareans!

This is an introductory post aimed to… well… introduce the Morte et Tributa (MET) – Death and Taxes – account, owned by @fonsolo. This account will be representative of, what I hope to be, a well-established community of free thinking intellectuals, willing to share valuable business knowledge among one another.

MET is being established to provide professionals and intellectuals with a central hub to which they can share valuable, general business-related knowledge and increase awareness of the cryptocurrency regulation that affects individuals and businesses world-wide.

This account will be used to advocate and foster a community of individualists that will analyze and critique the current state of crypto regulation and how it affects each individual state, province, country etc. In a time of regulatory uncertainty, it is of utmost importance to advocate for a regulatory framework which incentivizes innovation.

Please note, however, that while I have emphasized the importance of establishing a fair and forgiving regulatory crypto framework, this account will be utilized to reward all value adding business related information.

In traditional business, companies and individuals have always “protected” their intellectual property, as there was no monetary incentive for sharing it. I believe, that with the introduction of blockchain technology and, later, mutual aid society (MAS) based chains, this traditional mindset has become obsolete.

Stay tuned and feel free to follow this account to stay up-to-date on the forthcoming initiatives.
In the famous words of Ron Burgundy: “Stay classy [Whaleshares]”.

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