BottyGuard: There's New Whaleshares Sheriff in Town! 😱

2 months ago

While Whaleshares is meant to be censorship-resistant "social sharing" platform, where everyone should feel free to openly share their own opinions, interests, and other content they create themselves, there are always those who seek to take advantage, and choose to openly share and monetize "OTHER PEOPLE's" content instead, without any sort of attribution whatsoever.

They are literally copy/pasting other people's work and attempting to pass it along as their own opinions and content. This is highly shunned upon, and is completely contrary to the spirit of the platform.

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In fact, to make the extreme point, even if the best you feel you can contribute is "a copy/paste of someone else's work", you can AT LEAST make an effort to add a single sentence with your own additional thought or comment as to why it was of interest to you.

Then, quote and highlight a few key paragraphs for reference (there's always at least one or two key sentences or passages that will stand out the most for you), then provide a link leading back to the original author and their content.

I mean, you obviously found the article interesting enough to pass along as if you had written it yourself. So, you must at least have some small thought to add with regard to "what resonated for you" when reading it in the first place!

And in this way, you are at least...

  • expanding (even if only so ever slightly) on the work
  • highlighting the quotes and passages that resonated most for you personally
  • giving proper credit where it's due, and providing the content creator with the attribution and credit they deserve
  • informing the community to adjust their rewards accordingly
  • providing others the chance to follow and even reward the original author for their contributions as well

So now, it becomes WIN-WIN across the board!

Higher Standards for "Elected Leaders"

Additionally, certain members of the Whaleshares community must be held to a higher standard than others. For example, those who rise up to become community elected arbitrators or witnesses should not do so by begging or bribing other community members for votes.

Any Potential Solutions?!

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Introducing your friendly neighborhood BottyGuard!

BottyGuard is a cute and cuddly little BOT (albeit, at times a bit snarky) that revels in CALLING OUT those who seem to be repeatedly engaging in "questionable" activities.

So, if you're a known plagiarizer of other people's thoughts and opinions (ie. there is no detectable "Proof of Brain"), BottyGuard may start paying each of your posts a visit, and alerting your readers so they don't mistakenly reward your post, thinking that YOU were the actual author, with something to say worth rewarding:

warning: @naughtyCommunityMember is a known plagiarizer. If you disapprove of content theft, feel free to MUTE them! 😱

On the other hand, if some community members are discovered to be soliciting favoritism for elected roles, or otherwise engaged in practices deemed counter to the "good spirit of the community", we will also seek to highlight and "call out" such behavior as well:

if @voteBegger's comments annoy the bejesus out of you, feel free to MUTE them! 😱


So here's the real gist of all this. While you're all FREE to post what you'd like, however you'd like to do so...

Others are ALSO FREE to use THEIR VOICES to call you out and SHARE THEIR OPINIONS on anything THEY consider is detrimental to the community as well!

The only real requirement is that everyone do so in a CIVIL and RESPECTFUL manner. Perhaps the best way to clarify the meaning of this is:

  • Do unto others, as you would others do unto you...
  • Don't ever publish something online, and ESPECIALLY on a BLOCKCHAIN, that you wouldn't say publicly to SOMEONE'S FACE, if they were standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU...

Quoting "The Bible"...

Everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come into the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

But whoever practices the truth comes into the Light, so that it may be seen clearly that what he has done has been accomplished in God.”…

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And to that end, let the games begin... 😁

Note: If you are unsure a particular action is considered "appropriate", @wls-education publishes excellent guides on proper "Whaleshares posting etiquette".

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Just like to mention that I am currently cross posting manually to steemit under @gmatthe2 Please don't flag me.


if you are cross-posting your own work, I gots me nothin' to say! 😁

Thank you for this bot, this is a much need bot as I have seen many plagiarizers copy pasting other people's work in full without reference to the through author of the content.

How do you plan to exempt post published through Since posting your own content to other blockchain are allowed with the use of this tool, how do you plan to avoid labeling people using this tool as a plagiarizer?


I'm wondering about the masdacs posts (and other places you legitimately crossposted your own content yourself) too.

I am firmly against plagiarism too, but I wonder if a bot can discern easily and accurately enough between actual crossposts and plagiarism. This is a problem with the cheetah bot on Steemit too.

Especially if the wording that the bot uses is this harsh ("please mute this person!") misfires should absolutely be avoided.

As for the vote begging: we all know how incapable Whalebot is at actually distinguishing between people really begging for a vote and people merely mentioning the word 'upvote' (this comment alone could get a warning for mentioning the word upvote too much) so again: I doubt bots are intelligent enough for complex tasks like this.


This will not have much impact on legitimate cross-posting, since most times people posting genuine content use the same @username across different platforms to maintain an identity or brand. If the usernames in the URLs match up, BottyGuard can take that into account, while still making sure it was not stolen from others. :-)


Well... I have 2 different steemit accounts, the first is @ascendedmonkey (@crystalhuman's pet name for me), and the second is @munkiioh (which is the my name on fb). :/
I merged the two for this account since I have only have one bitshares account (ascendedmonkey92). Im a PERFECT example of the exception @woodzi is talking about, so I really do hope the bot will be able to discern the difference. :|


There was a reply from BottyGuard about this. Basically people will be able to "whitelist" their associated accounts if they ever get tagged incorrectly. So that is good.


Well that's fantastic, & good to know. Thanks for your reply. :)


I replied to Woodzi's comment in the thread about cross-posting. I assume the bot's creator will clarify that at some point.


at this point, it will be more up to the community to decide who @BottyGuard should "troll"...

The thought is that perhaps we can have a channel in the Whaleshares Official Discord such as #alert-BottyGuard, where community members can share proof of repeated outright plagiarism and vote solicitation, etc.

If no one objects, and the culprits don't reform their behavior, BottyGuard's goin' to work, work, work... 😱

😡 Gonna bug the bejesus out of them 'til they start conducting themselves with dignity! 😡

This is a welcome development and thank you to the DEV Team for this. It will help discover a lot.

I hope I don’t get hit by one of these bots 😂😅


so long you be stackin' and not frontin', yous gots no beef wit me! 😂

Where can we check who is on the blacklist, and why? Although fighting plagiarism has the highest priority in my witness plans, I find it disturbing to have @bottyguard show up on my contest page after every comment a certain person makes.

Does @bottyguard actively approach people, communicate with them on what they did wrong? If not, this isn't helpful.

Respect for the @bottyguard and the devskeep up the great works! Salute

Hey @bottyguard, you left mean faces to comments of people who were supporting my post. What's that all abot? 😕

Hey @bottyguard, I don't know if this is the proper forum to report it, but there is plagiarised content posted in #foodchallenge today:
by @paajohnny.

Both the photo and the text are plagiarised. Eg. text from here: and photo and part of the text from here:

I just received a notice from you on my latest post of my own original photos and story of my day. I eas curious to learn why however I now see that it is a post for @ cryptobloggets. Phew

This will really help the platform to stay clean as many are trying to use the opportunity do wrong. Thanks to the Development team.

Much needed in this fresh community where the fast money makers sometimes forget that there is also a community around a platform!

So can we also call Bottyguard to look at a post and he will reply underneith?