It is Unlawful to EDC a knife in the Philippines!

5 months ago

I recently binge watched a lot of EDC videos on youtube and as robberies and murders continue to rise in where i'm currently staying I found myself wanting to have something to protecting myself when needed in my EDC. For those who don't know, EDC stands for Every Day Carry which usually refers to people who like to be prepared for any possible thing that may happen in their day to day lives.



I liked to consider myself as a person who is "prepared", but after watching different EDC's of people from different parts of the world that thought immediately dissapeared.

One thing that is common to most EDC's are somesort of multitool or a knife, some people even have both! But because most multitools usually have a knife in them already some may think it's redundant to have both. I on the other hand think the opposite, in survival it pays to be redundant which usually leads me to packing twice as much things as needed when going on trips especially camping. I used to carry around a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife when I was in college but lost it when I transferred to where I'm currently living for work.



Fast forward to today I found myself living almost 3 years without any sort of tool to use/protect myself when needed which lead me to wanting to buy a new multitool and knife. I chose to look for knives first since knives are relatively cheaper than multitools. After searching for a few days on different sites and choosing from different types of knives from fixblades, pocket knives and kneck knives I was able to decide that I wanted to buy something "basic" since i'm still a knife novice myself. I chose the Gerber Folding Sheath Knife.


However, before buying I wanted to read up on the knives law just to make sure I wasn't breaking any laws and I was actually amazed by what I found. The Philippine law actually prohibits people from bringing any sort of bladed,pointed or blunt weapons outside their home unless it's to earn a livelihood or in pursuit of a lawful activity. Here's the complete law



Section 1. Paragraph three of Presidential Decree Numbered Nine is hereby amended to read as follows:

"3. It is unlawful to carry outside of one's residence any bladed, pointed or blunt weapon such as "knife", "spear", "pana", "dagger", "bolo", "barong", "kris", or "chako", except where such articles are being used as necessary tools or implements to earn a livelihood or in pursuit of a lawful activity. Any person found guilty thereof shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment of not less than one month nor more than one year or a fine of not less than Two Hundred Pesos nor more than Two Thousand Pesos, or both such imprisonment and fine as the Court may direct."

Sec. 2. Article twenty-two of the Revised Penal Code shall apply to persons previously convicted under paragraph three of Presidential Decree Numbered Nine.

Sec. 3. Any law or ordinance which is inconsistent herewith is hereby repealed.

Sec. 4. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: November 21, 1978


I also tried looking at different subreddits and other credible websites to see if this was true to this day and it all seems to check out and this law seems to also apply on multitools that have knives in them.

As crimes continue to rise I find it a necessity to have a knife or multitool in my EDC but the law seems to think otherwise.

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As always thanks for reading and see you in the next one,


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He finally posted!!

Well I agree you need to carry something in these days, I guys your keyslot with using the keys as brassknuckle would already function. I used to have a small mace bottle in the appereance of a deodorant, it did make me feel safe in the end i must say!


Yeah I guess it'll have to do for now or I could buy a taser, given I don't taze myself first lol

A mace bottle?! That sounds badass!

or in pursuit of a lawful activity

so I suppose the real question is...

is self-defense and protecting your own life in case of attack considered a "lawful activity"?! lol


I actually thought of that as well. I found a reply by a "lawyer"(because honestly I could be a lawyer myself on the internet lol) in one of the forums about the subject on knife laws in the Philippines and he had this to say:

Even though going shopping, or sightseeing, or bar hopping, or just wandering around town is "lawful" and is an "activity," a knife is not reasonably necessary to the pursuit of those activities. You might not feel safe, or even be safe, engaging in those activities without a knife, a gun, or other personal protection items, but those activities can be, and customarily are, pursued without those items.

The thing about Philippine laws is that it's usually easily bent depending on who you are, who you hurt and who the officer in charge is. lol


yeah, that sounds pretty much like politics and government officials wherever in the world you might find yourself, granted some places are certainly much worse than others ... :( ( ironic lol )

Hi kabayan! That’s interesting and quite new to me. I thought people walked around with ‘balisong’. So maybe it’s a thing of the past .

Thanks for sharing!

The "lawful activity" is the loophole I would find a way to use. Are there any "knife fighting" schools around? Maybe you are on the way to class. Or have someone on standby to "confirm" you are on the way to over to participate in your "Bowie Knife Wood Widdling Club". I personally believe in Constitutional Carry for a Handgun in the US. My safety comes first before any regulation, sign. or law that prevents me the right of exercising the 2nd Amendment


That is a bad...ass idea man! Lol but really though, that's a cool idea. I might use that! Thanks!


:-). Loopholes are used to pay less taxes, have regulation passed, and frees murderers from prison. Why not use them for our safety?

Hehe I was just looking past weekend for Gerber knife :) more for practical reasons, but you indeed feel safer. From childhood idea of having a knife was a sign of being adult, or “ready” for anything. Obsessed with it, having a knife of sone kind in pocket, office, car, bag .... oh shit, I got a bike now! Need to explore an option to have small knife mounted under my saddle. Will be biking to my work staring this Tuesday. 13 miles. Each way :)

Stay safe and I hope you will never need to use a knife for protection of yourself or your loved ones!

Thats super unfortunate! I am unhappy with our knife laws here, but this is even worse. I'm sorry to hear! Perhaps you can find a way to carry this knife for 'work' :)

I loved my Swiss Army Knife! sadly t it went walkabouts a long time ago.. I never thought to check if they were legal to carry about though!


I'm sure it varies from place to place, maybe the laws there allow it xD

Some country ban using pocket knives, but its can be used for self defense too

Yeah, I think this has been implemented to secure and uphold peace within the country. But still there are many violators that still don't follow government rules.


This is really the main reason tho.


I do agree with this,I've read that this is one of the main reasons but I don't see anything wrong with a person bringing a multitool to use in day to day living as a bad thing.

It sucks that your countries laws make it difficult for a law abiding citizen to carry any self defense tools around. I've had a pocket knife as a part of my EDC for so many years now, that I'm not sure what I'd do without it. I carry it to use as a tool, and It's helped me out in a lot of situations. Hell, I carry a small back-up knife most of the time while I'm at it, lol.

Also, I find it pretty funny that my first pocket knife was that very same Gerber Bear Gryll's folder. Pretty sure I still have it floating around somewhere actually. Is that knife you have in your picture now a Spyderco Honey bee? Or, a Spyderco Bug? Looks like it from the picture, but I wasn't sure :)