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4 months ago

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On the Whaleshares blockchain, witnesses serve a role of validating signatures and timestamping transactions by including them in blocks. A block is any group of transactions (posts, votes, transfers, etc) which update the state of the database. Each time a witness produces a block, they are paid for their service. If a witness fails to produce a block, then they are not paid, and may even be voted out.

Witnesses are generally expected to manage a reliable block producing node, implement a failover system, maintain a public seed node, tune blockchain operating parameters, but since Whaleshares is a infant blockchain most of the above mentioned are not rarely implemented yet.

As a WLS user who wants to see this platform continue to grow and flourish, we all have 30 votes to cast for any WLS witness of our choice and I will say this is the most important 30 votes you will ever cast on this platform.

Lets call them Blockchain Guardians or a slight used term block producers.

Meet our Blockchain Guardians is a series put in place to know more about our very own witnesses, there roles and obligations. We need them as much as they needs us. Our witness are the leaders on the platform and thus it is our paramount importance that we due our due diligence before casting our votes.

Today I had the opportunity to interview a person that helped me out from the start of my WLS journey and I am very grateful for this person.

Join me as I welcome @jepu to Meet Our Blockchain Guardians.

What brought you to Whaleshares?

  • Steemit brought me to Whaleshares. I got into Steemit around November of 2017, and was looking for different discord servers to be able to share my content on and Whaleshares showed up as one on that list.

What got you interested in becoming a Witness?

  • What got me into being a Witness is the amount of change they could do, being a witness allows you to have a say as to the direction of the platform and I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to be a part of a group that had good intentions for the platform and not just make a quick buck out of it.

What have you developed for Whaleshares?

  • I was able to help out in a few small projects for whaleshares, namely a few enhancements for , the old which served as a hub wherein users could see a calendar of the different events in their local time, the new which shows the current mana and 100% reward value and the lottery bots for chucky and krista. I also try to help out around in anyway I can as long as it's around my skillset.

Being a witness takes a lot of time and energy, how do you keep a balance between this and other commitments?

  • It's definitely hard and being on a different timezone as most other witnesses doesn't really help, what I try to do allot a few hours each day (around 2-3) to check on my witness node and make sure everything is alright. Then i'm usually online on discord but put my account on offline xD

Where do you see Whaleshares in 5 years?

  • In 5 years I see Whaleshares as one of the biggest social media platform on the blockchain.

Do you still use steem/steemit?

  • I've stopped using steemit for a few months now, although steemit brought me to know Whaleshares I kinda got bored of Steemit after a few months and just hanged out on the Whaleshares discord server.

When you are not in front of your computer helping the Whaleshares community, what other hobbies do you have?

  • Well that's a hard one, since i'm a software developer by profession i'm usually on my computer all day, but when i am not on my computer I like to take long walks and just try to stay active.

If you could only vote for one witness (not yourself) who would it be and why?

  • I would probably vote for @krazywitness, she may not be a technical person but she knows how to get stuff done! Plus I believe that every platform needs a good leader that handles the community fairly and honestly and I know krista is that type of person.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

  • A power eh? Definitely being able to control time at my pleasure. Life's moving way too fast, I would love to be able to slow it down or stop it in certain situations to be able to enjoy it 😃

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a couple questions for our community. 🤝🏻

As WhaleShares users we need to do everything in our power to choose Block Guardians that will represent the community well. Before voting make sure you do some research on the people you are voting for and be informed. Head over to and click on some of the witnesses names, get to know them a bit better and do your part to make sure this community thrives.

Now that you have read something about @jepu, It will be good and kind of you to show them some love by going to the witness page, search the box and type @jepu to cast your vote for them as your Block Producer.


Please catch our next Meet Our Blockchain Guardians soon. Take Care.


Find me on Discord, Lets explorer this frontier together!!

I am the Robot looking guy.

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Please take a minute to jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and cast your votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to my username "chronocrypto" and supply your private account or active key to lock in your vote.

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Kudos @jepu! :)

What is even needed to be said about @jepu? If you are on this platform with us, chances are Jepu has helped you in some way or another. A truly solid Witness that you can trust.

@jepu It is awesome to read about you sharing your time to help the whaleshares sites. I didn't know you were a software developer. Witnesses have so many different skills to offer the platform and it's always nice to read about witnesses that has a technical expertise to help the platform keep developing and moving forward.

Kudos to all our guardians!

Thanks for the feature!

Looking forward to the next guardian. Lol


Jepu I heart you ❤

I noticed you you doing this on Smoke as well and love the idea. Adding a little personality behind the witness account is always a bonus. Thanks for your contributions!

@jepu is an awesome guy. Helping him as always.