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Featured Posts


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Animals makes us Human because we get a lot of nutritional benefits from them. In the past, animal protein was considered essential in human diets but recent knowledge suggests that this is not absolutely true.

We share with you @anikys3reasure's post on the contributions of animals to our survival. She talks about some important things we get from animals. She ends by mentioning Bees, and what we get from them even including when they sting us. I never knew their sting could benefit us, and if you want to find out what it does, read the full post here.

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Bust a groove Playstation 1. A classic game to play weekends by @jysusg

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It is a fight and dance game. As you read it, the game featured a variety of characters with dance skills and powers. Each one had a story to tell through their steps (or at least that's how I saw it). Now you will know why I liked it and even in 2018 I still like it and played.

Looks like a very old game but @jysusg makes a great review such that, I'm tempted to get a copy and play. Apart from this game being entertaining, It also exercises your fingers. Pressing all the buttons doesn't work with this game so you have to acquire some motor skills so you can play efficiently. Learn more about this game from here.

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Digital Art_2019. Gingerbread Family by @daring-celt

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In one shot I saw a nice story - the gingerbread family. It seemed to me very interesting to draw a picture on New Year Meal's theme. The fact is that: in Russia on the New Year you can't eat meat and dairy dishes (until Christmas time coming 7th January ). But baking is possible if the dough is free of butter and eggs.

@Daring-celt shares with us some beautiful art work of a ginger bread family. How wonderful to see the art of something so tasteful. The author gives us the journey that gave birth to this beautiful art piece. You can view all images of the art from here

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Candiru (Vandellia Cirrhosa) - A Fish That Attacks The Human Penis

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The candiru is a feared but small beast in the Amazon, feared even more than the piranha. The candiru strikes when an unsuspecting prey ventures into a river and tries to pee by exposing their genitals.

I believe most guys that see this topic will be intrigued and would want to read this post by @rickie to learn more. When you hear of someone or something that can attack your "assets", I'm sure you would want to find out more. Encountering one might be a dreadful experience. You can read all about them here.

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Written by @fredkese for Altruistic community

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