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I am just a spare time producer doing the whole thing just for the fun of it. I am not aiming to be successful commercially or 'career wise'. This leaves me the freedom to produce the stuff I really want to hear and do the tracks like they come to my mind. This results in general absence of standard song structures / or general arangements. I don't really produce with song structure in mind.

Same thing with the instrumentation of the tracks. I usually just go for some new and interesing 'sound'. It's very hard to keep me fascinated by somewhat established 'standards'. I never try to sound like someone else, I rather try not to sound like someone else :-).

This continues with styles - I have no problems starting a track with minutes of ambience moving on to edm beats and finishing somewhat acidish crazy filter automation.

Mentioning automation - everything I do sonically is digital. The tracks usually consist of dozens of synths (vsts) with dozends times x automation tracks :-)

Featured Track

Rupture (5th Element)

Playing around with Spire presets and the "new" Spire 1.1.

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