#ArtSoundtrack Contest S01:E01 Round 1 [Announcement] Earn $INDIE, AIRPLAY & PIXEL WhaleTokens!

4 months ago

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A new platform, a new contest :-) #ArtSoundtrack!

This contest is all about combining and rewarding different fields of art. Whether you're a visual artist (and create drawings, paintings or photos) or a musician and create amazing tracks, you can enter. More info in the sections below.

In this post

  • Explanation of the contest
  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Rules
  • Prize pool
  • Example

Explanation of the contest

The reason we started this contest, is because we thought it would be awesome to have a contest where music and visual arts come together. Wouldn't it be great to have a soundtrack to go with a painting, drawing or photo? Each episode will have two rounds. Round one for visual artists, round two for musicians (of all genres).

  • In round 1, visual artists can submit their piece of art (painting, drawing, photo). Style doesn't matter.
  • In round 2, musicians, bands, DJs or other musical artists can submit their track that fits the art of round 1 well.

Round 1

  • Submit your visual art before September 12th
  • Starting September 12th the Whaleshares community will have 24 hours to vote for their favourite painting, drawing or photo.

Round 2 (starts September 13th)

  • Submit your track/song before September 21st
  • Starting September 21st the Whaleshares community will have 24 hours to vote for the track that best fits the visual art selected in round 1.


  • Use #ArtSoundtrack as tag
  • Comment with a link to your submission
  • Use a link to this contest in your submission post
  • Submit before September 12th (round 1) or September 21st (round 2)
  • Reward this post so the contest and artists are shared around :-)


Okay, but what can I win?

First prize round 1:

  • 250 $INDIE
  • 250 AIRPLAY
  • 250 Pixel
  • A soundtrack to go with your piece of art

First prize round 2:

  • 250 $INDIE
  • 250 AIRPLAY
  • 250 Pixel
  • A painting/drawing (digitally) to go with your track

$INDIE is the brand-agnostic reward token of The Indie Alliance - a collective of global Arts projects and blockchain awards brands. Sign up to Bitshares to be able to receive them.

@seveaux has created the AIRPLAY token and has kindly offered it for us to use to reward deserving independent artists.
The token will be able to summon the-jukebox whale to come and visit the post of your choice.

This feature will be live at some point in September but the exciting thing is you can also trade your $INDIE for AIRPLAY on Bitshares.

@pixel is The WhaleToken of the Artists and Photographers

If you want to contribute to the rewards pool in any way (rewarding/tokens you name it), contact Roel on Discord via Roel#4485 or comment below :-)


When in round one, the painting below won Sgt. Peppter's Lonely Hearts Club Band would be a matching track ;-) Of course, this is an obvious example but that's just to make the idea of this contest more clear.

Source credit

Announcement round 1

Without further ado we'd like to announce season 1, episode 1, round 1 :-) Looking forward to seeing all your masterpieces, whether it's a drawing, painting or any other form of visual arts. The entire Whaleshares community will be able to vote for the best art on September 12th so stay tuned if you're not an artist, but an admirer.

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Sharing the $INDIE Love. Should get @pixel involved!

Awesome, I've already seen a bunch of amazing artists here.


Yes! Me too :-) Can't see how this could go wrong!

Toppie!! sounds very promising man gets really creative, airplay support for week 2 :)

Am I the first?!?!?! YEAH!!!! :) Here my visual art submission, I hope it can inspire some peaceful (or peace-with-knuckles) sound to come along!

I made this digital drawing on iPad using finger and Apple pen. The app called ArtRage, highly recommend (although there could be a million + one apps for creative mood, this one always get you inspired)

Flower Power.png

Excited to find ftlob kicking and can jump right into the fun on this new platform :)

This is trippy cool GIF made by my good friend Roman Leopold :)


☮ Peace very much! ☮


Hi @samprock! Congrats on being the first entry! Thanks for participating and sharing your art with the community :-)

Great initiative Roel nice to see this happening in whaleshares too SIR!!! :D :D


Thanks sir! :D Really glad we've even been able to get the support of AIRPLAY & PIXEL to help reward creativity even more!

Excellent. Love this kind of thing. I know @adam-aj will be doing something similar (although his will be more like round 2 on it's own I believe) so I think it's only fair that I wait for his competition seeing as I am part of the $INDIE alliance!

Looking forward to seeing the entries though and I will vote for my favourite!


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Thanks @atomcollector :-) Looking forward to seeing the entries as well! One talented bunch here, that's for sure!

Another great contest and initiative @ftlob


Thanks @adam-aj! Something for you to participate in?