Wire Art - Goldie - Fish Wire Sculpture 3D

3 months ago

I love being by the ocean, therefore marine life is a big inspiration for me.

This is the largest golden fish I made. Obviously, she is a girl, and I named her Goldie. She is approx. 24" long, fully three dimensional. At this moment she is displayed in a private medical office specialized in hearing aids. This is where Goldie's new owner works. I am very happy that people with hearing problems can admire her and, maybe Goldie can fulfill their wishes... besides all, that's what a gold fish is supposed to do.

Please look closer... she is made with steel wire and lots of aquamarine quartz crystals adorn her. Isn't she adorable?





small note.png

I've been blogging on various platforms for several years now. My goal is to create new content every day, but also to bring back to life some of my older articles here, on Whaleshares. These photos are from a post that was originally published on Steemit, CLICK HERE to check it out and feel free to follow me there too! All pictures are mine, unless otherwise stated.



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This is really spectacular, I've been following your work and I love it, how long does it take to make a piece?
The crystals the purchases in jewelry? here in my country before there were many places where they sold all that rhinestones but everything became very expensive and stopped selling them, how much do you pay for a piece like that?


Those quartz crystals are not expensive. It is the piece of art you pay for. I sold Goldie for $250 and the buyer was a friend, so I gave her a discount.

This is 'fabulous', @starjewel ! You are so incredibly creative and unique. I just adore this piece you made - Love it! How long does it take you to make a piece like this? It's quite intricate!


Thank you @youhavewings I don’t have time frames, I work only when I am inspired and I feel like. Goldie was finished in a few months I think. I usually work on more pieces at one time, I get bored. And I also work on some other things than art, to pay bills.


I think that's the best way to do art...when inspired. I can totally relate to your boredom in doing one at a time! haha! I like the constant change as well.