Daily Doodle Dragons! #1 Meet SizzleTooth!

3 months ago


Hello everyone! This is a little project that I'll be trying out. I've been very inconsistent with my art, so I want to get back into the daily art habbit. This doodle may looks simple but it took over 7 attempts to find a style... Also I've almost finished a sketchbook (A5) :D Quite rare for me, I havery 2 blank pages left. Maybe I'll figure out how to make and upload a video?

Give this dragon a name, the person with most votes, not value, wins (in 24h) 1 WLS ^^ (SFW!) To save time, I will send out a set of rewards in 7 days. If there is a tie, I pick the name I like from those.

• I will write the name under the dragon doodle, so if you pick a long name, also add a short nickname! (Or I will)

• I'll edit this post's title to include the name.

Additional 1WLS to coolest doodle ideas! I'll send the reward if I decide to use the idea ^^

I'll be holding a same contest on Steemit, but with a different set of doodles and the rewards will be 0.1 SBD per post. I will be posting at different times so it's fair and you may participate and win on both platforms!

This an A5 page and I expect to fill it in a week, once I'm done I'll scan and share both pages, so you won't miss out. Maybe next I'll move on to a bigger A4 format! Also I think these doodles might look cool as vectors, if I find some time to make.

The Fails...



Also please don't forget the Random Games Contest!

Have an awesome day! ^_^

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Growlhowler Candylover the Happy, scourge of chocolate cakes of the realm, and pies and sweets and candy too.

That's my proposition :D
So cute and nice :) happiness flows through him


Adorable! Thank you for sharing :D I'd love some cake too haha


May I name the Steemit dragon #1 this? :D you'll get 1WLS or 0.1SBD, your pick.


Sure, you may :D
No payment needed :p


Awesome! And of course the reward :D I'm doing great here so sharing is caring ^^

This is gonna be an odd one as English is not my first language lol

Momo Jung!



Sounds cool :D Thanks for participating ^^


You're doing great!


Haha sounds cute, reminds me of word bald tho :D

The dragon's name?



This is so adorable!! PorcuSpike the Dragon

Oh, that's definitely a George. George the Dragon, from Gloucestershire.

And my goodness, your second so-called "fail" is gorgeous!

I've also been pretty inconsistent with my art lately but that's pretty much normal for me... Just wish I would get this book done already!