Meeting a street artist

29 days ago

The Ulione


This is a short documentary I made about a local street artist named Michael Ulibarri. He is a graffiti artist that started painting illegally, but has moved on to create some amazing commissioned pieces of art. He has a love for life and a love for art. He is an amazing person.


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Graffiti is also an art.

Art is the noblest way of representing what happens in the world and its language is global, it reaches all corners and promotes the freedom of man before the bloody and corrupt system.

I have friends in Venezuela who are great graffiti artists and have created works of art in the most important cities of the country, but have been persecuted by the police, because here it is still believed that the graffiti artist is a criminal and the truth is that they are very wrong , the graffiti artist is the neighborhood artist, he paints truth and love on the walls. @derangedvisions

Lovley. No graffiti is good or bad, no artist is good or bad. His favorite one contains the "OM" symbol of Hinduism. I saw in the video. But he was not aware of it, I think.

I think that talent is carried in the blood, but we think that this is like a natural habit that we have, Michael is a talented young man who expresses his feelings through graffiti and really expresses what he feels in them, he also helps others to plasma his dream in the murals, For the face Michael should be Latino.