Art -Second Chances

2 months ago

Hey Whales!

Hope you are all doing fine today?
Here's a piece and tutorial video on how I painted this piece a little while ago.

Second Chances was made after an old painting I did in my early days.. I wanted to work for Blizzard back then, and I figured if i just try to make piece in the 'style' (try to do it anyway) and lore they might see my work and want to hire me!

That sort of worked.. because a few months after this I got contacted and asked if i wanted to do some World of Warcraft trading cards.
Back then it was still a physical cardgame.. not like Hearthstone.. which replaced it.

Anyway! Enjoy!

The old piece:

The New piece :) .. made approx 4 years later.

Hope you like it!
Thank you!

Rogier / @beekart

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Totally solid style, I am looking forward for having you giving us a hand in the upcoming art of WLS and its appendices!


Both are awesome! And quite different actually :D
I love the face and hands (a little big) in the first one and the body and rest in the second ^^


haha yeh i had no idea what i was doing back then :D i think i spend most time making the boobs perfect spheres in that image :') DOH!! :D

that is great art work i love both, creativity at its best