Art is a representation of life

3 months ago

This piece felt off and weird and not good at all.
I wasn't in love with it like I have been with other artworks I've made.
So I posted it on my Insta story and then went over it with completely other colours and another technique.


And yet, I have got so many compliments from people who I refer to as visually strong and creative talents in their own specific fields which really came as a surprise.
They made me realize that beauty is held in the spaces which you can see the process of the piece happening.
The expression.
The choices.
The mistakes.

Art isn't a picture perfect finish with everything in place.

Art is representation of life.
Chaotic, messy and full of so-called mistakes.

And within all of the crazy, unfiltered, illogical space, there is a fine beauty that harmonizes all of it.

Much love,


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