What is @art? Who is I

2 months ago
in art

What is @art? Who is I

Well that's the very question I ask myself right now.

I try to be me, but but am I really me?

Everything I do is a result of the equation of the world that goes on around me.

A body swimming in a universe of atoms while sitting on top of solar driftwood that some called earth, while being annoyed to death by a bunch of corrupt idiots who claim to be leaders. And this is what some refer to as LIFE?



What the fuck?

And 'people' keep up with that crap?

YES, 'people' do.

But I'm not 'people' I tend to think of myself as creative 'human' being. And try to distance myself from 'people'.


:Ai Weiwei:

I try to escape from that white rabbit that chases me all day long



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i love you art works , this is creativity at its best keep it up , would love to see more of your work


These are not my artworks, I'm merely using them to express my message and in that way make people more familiar with 'looking at art'. Still exploring how to do this, and i'll need to find ways to make art speak for itself.

That in itself is a bit of a catch. :-)

I'm glad you like the artworks, the artists are mentioned below the images. If you are interested.
I did not link directly to any artist as the search for an artist will most likely maky you discover even more wonderful artworks.

I loved the mona lisa and the cry, too good, Art is only creation, real creation, hide the visceral in images and sensations, at least that is for me. Greetings from Venezuela


:-) indeed several emotions captured in one selfie. I wish I knew who made that 'selfie'. The search engine didn't tell me. Greetings from 'Cyberspace' The only place where you don't get killed (for now)

LoL. I like the top one. That is really coll.


looks like things got damaged...