Daily Practice #12

2 months ago

Hi Everybody !

It is being quite hard to keep the pace lately... Too many things happening!

Luckily enough most of those things are good, although some of them keep my spirit and emotions a little bit down, but hopefully not for long. Luckily enough changes are coming and in few weeks a whole new experience of life may become real!

Anyway, I made a five minutes sketch and I wanted to share it with you my fellows... Hopefully you will like it!

I think even if this is very little and a fast drawing in the end, it has very nice flow and lines. This is mostly why I am so happy with this one, even if it is not impressive at all. and yeh, took me five minutes, but well... It is a daily!

A dragon minding its own business.

Thanks a lot for your support and see you in the next one!


(All the images are my own creation and therefore I own their rights)

Welcome to Whaleshares, the future of cryptos!

I am Anritco, a freelance concept designer, illustrator and a sports lover. A proud member of the team of developers that gave life to Whaleshares and that is constantly looking for making it a better platform for all its users.

Whaleshares is still in development and crucial features from it are still not implemented. We are really grateful of how patient all of you are. You are all totally awesome!!


Have a great day!

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well the dragon looks at ease, soon you shall be too hehe :) #dragonlover

That is a fantastic dragon for a five minute sketch. You are very talented!

Dude! Those swooshy lines are sexy as hell :D
You plan on painting up some of these dragons?


Haha thanks man, I appreciate it a lot!

I got few different personal projects going on, but to be honest I got close to zero time for making them real... between freelance, whaleshares development (and its other apps' develompent going on) I barely have time for going to the bathroom. But I believe you know the feeling :P

Dude! Drop me a message in discord!