ALTT (ALtruistic Token) Is Finally Ready For You

23 days ago

You all have been waiting for this day. Even some do ask me repeatedly and now it's the time. Altruistic token is now listed on as one of the Whaletokens.


Altruistic token (ALTT) is a token that you can use to reward your posts on platforms. Right now, you can use it on whaleshares but we are looking forward to other platforms as well.
It's not an official Whaletoken as it is listed with Community Token but it serves the same functions as Whaletokens. We hope we will be able to make it a full whaletoken.


How to use ALTT

To get an 100 upshare from Altruistic you will need 500 ALTT. This means 5 ALTT = 1% upshare at the current power we have.

Don't worry, we are still working on how to increase Altruistic's stake where you can get more reward and with time the number of tokens might be reduced.

The Process of using ALTT to Summon Altruistic upshare

  • Go to your Bitshares account and log in.
  • Click on the send icon in the line of ALTT.
  • Fill the send form;

Send Any Amount of ALTT to allt-token with the post link you want an upshare on as the memo

Make sure to confirm your transaction as to avoid mistake.

As of now, it's not instant but we are working on it.

If you think your upshare is being delayed for too long, you can contact Altruistic Seyiodus on Discord.


How do I get ALTT?

You can earn ALTT on ALtruistic server as well as win them on different contests and it related. Not only that, you can also earn ALTT by joining Token For Your Reward where you upshare the post and get ALTT.
Are are some links to TFYR


Whenever you can across Altruistic's post, you can support it with your upshares knowing that you are increasing the amount of reward you can get from it.


Remember to vote for Altruistic as one of your witness. Your vote will be in the right hand as 90% of our witness earnings is towards the growth of the authors on the platform. visit: to cast your vote


Official Bitshares account: altruistic-group | Email address: [email protected]/[email protected]

Join Us On Discord Server | Telegram

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This is great......everything keeps on getting better. Thanks @altruistic-wls and @seyiodus for this great development..

I love this, altruistic team is really skyrocketing. Good job well done


An update will be shared on the use of the tag.

My vote isn't worth much, but you have 100% of it here. 🙂

Great news and congrate to seyious and altruistic server team....can't wait to get mine.

The good news now. Hopeful the rate changes as time goes by. Also waiting on the bit about tag usage.

[Edited] allow me to hint on a typo

Send Any Amount of ALTT to allt-token with the post link you want an upshare on as the memo

the account to send the tokens is as right as indicated on the screenshot and a typo in the above line.
screenshot: altt-token
line: allt-token.

With thanks.
(correct me)

Great news -I’ve used it for the first time today.