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Hello everyone, I guess we are all doing fine today! It's another Monday and a reminder that there is going to be a curation show on the Altruistic server on discord. Get your post ready: any post that is not yet past payout that so that others can curate on it for you which means extra upvote and possible restream and new followers.

You can as well promote an old post if you want people to be aware of something important/interesting in the post. All are welcomed.
It's always fun when different people speak about a subject matter and you can get a different opinion about your article. Don't miss another show today. We start the show at 7 pm GMT or 3 pm EDT/EST and you can find us on the Altruistic server on Discord waiting for you to arrive and present your post. We'll be in Altruistic Curation Lounge. A link to the Altruistic server is here -

Come along to meet amazing, friendly people to share ideas and celebrate with. See you soon.


Don't forget to Join Token for your reward and get some tokens for yourself:


Remember to vote for Altruistic as one of your witness. Your vote will be in the right hand as 90% of our witness earnings is towards the growth of the authors on the platform. visit: to cast your vote


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It's always a great time at the curation show, great work to the team 🤙