You should all be buying Cryptos, if you are not than...

last month

Quick reminder for all.. sure we are in a bloody blood bath, but it is crazy for you not to be buying.. considering you are in Crypto you should be hopeful for it, no?

This is the perfect time to be buying on the drops, if you think you missed on being fifthly rich think again, sure the blood bath is still happening and coins can sure still go down but if I where you I would be getting some bags on some of these coins.

That is just my 2 steem and 2 Whaleshares for ya!

Top 100 Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization

# Name Market Cap Price Volume (24h) Circulating Supply Change (24h) Price Graph (7d)
1 Bitcoin
$56,825,901,150 $3,260.85 $3,551,651,700 17,426,700 BTC -0.37% sparkline
$11,765,607,369 $0.287478 $275,510,303 40,926,963,305 XRP * -1.52% sparkline
3 Ethereum
$8,894,462,471 $85.65 $1,403,748,428 103,842,128 ETH -1.21% sparkline
4 Tether
$1,865,423,460 $1.00 $2,204,586,369 1,856,421,736 USDT * 0.31% sparkline
5 Stellar
$1,850,635,702 $0.096616 $59,624,996 19,154,482,298 XLM * -1.58% sparkline
$1,762,728,388 $1.95 $579,730,133 906,245,118 EOS * 0.51% sparkline
7 Litecoin
$1,549,745,127 $26.00 $401,713,931 59,601,313 LTC 0.94% sparkline
8 Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash
$1,428,029,048 $81.53 $68,122,654 17,514,338 BCH 0.22% sparkline
9 Bitcoin SV
Bitcoin SV
$1,359,399,419 $77.62 $80,503,155 17,513,123 BSV 0.52% sparkline
$868,301,267 $0.013064 $49,198,303 66,463,141,134 TRX 0.66% sparkline

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I agree. I don't have much cash to be buying... but now is the time to be acquiring. For those of us who don't have much money, now is the time to acquire coins by being active on places like Whaleshares and Steemit.

Seriously man, LTC, BCH, ETH, DASH, Freaking fire sale right now, I have been waiting for this moment for a damn year :D Shame its Christmas. Heres hoping we stay down through Jan :P

Do you still believe there's a future for Steem?what's your prediction about steemit in 2019?

Realistic and honest opinions guys...

These “fire sales” have happened 6 times in the past...the next bubble will be bigger than the last. Bitcoin 150k+