Derangedvisions - Adopt a Whale Initiative - Inspired by @pankso

16 days ago



What is Adopt a Whale?


The Adopt a Whale initiative is something that I heard of from @pankso in his Adopt a Whale - Application. I had "adopted" a few new members of the Steemit platform and mentored them, introduced them to different communities and rewarded their posts for a specific amount of time. One of the hardest things for people starting off on these platforms is gaining an audience or knowing the correct way to write posts and use tags.

I am going to be joining @pankso in his efforts to "adopt" members of the platform and help them get started in the right direction and become great members of Whaleshares. What will my adopted whales receive from me?

  • Daily 100% reward for 14 days
  • Engagement on posts.
  • Advice via discord or Whaleshares.



  • Be real, be yourself!
  • You must have less than 2000 Whalestake.
  • Only post your original work, no plagiarism!
  • Do not spam comments on posts. Only post engaging comments.
  • Source your images properly.

I am using the same rules as @pankso so that our initiatives for helping the members of the platform. The goal of this is to teach the newer members of the platform good practices and to give them visibility.

How does it work?


Simple, if you want to be adopted by me, you have to write #adoptawhale in the comments along with a short description about yourself and what you mainly post about. I will check the profiles of the people asking to be adopted and pick 1-2 users. I will then announce the adopted Whale(s) 10-12 days after the publication date of this post. You can also suggest people to be adopted by mentioning them in a comment, but they also have to comment so I’m sure they are OK!

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.


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I am a cryptocurrency and life blogger. I like your iniative and would like to be sponsored. Check out my content. I post on Trybe under will stanley as well. Thank you for your consideration.


Hi, I am a photographer, active on Steemit and Whaleshares. I like participating in contests, and I post only my own images. Honestly, I'm finding it very hard to catch on here on Whaleshares. I often wonder if people are really here or do they only cross post? In any case, I'm a legit new user, trying hard to powerup and establish myself here.

I want to add that this is a very nice initiative, and whoever you pick should be very grateful :)


I love your photography. I would like to support you here on Whaleshares to help you out. I have been taking time off of the platform, so I wont be as active as before. What is your BTS address so I can send you some of my tokens so you can use them to vote on your posts?


Thank you so much! I noticed you haven't been around as much, I hope everything is ok. Before I forget... are you still running you witness on Steemit? I think I still have you voted there. I know that you stopped your witness on Whaleshares. I sure do appreciate your support, thank you! My bts name is keithboone01


I still have my Steemit witness that is a group witness named c0ff33a. I just sent you some tokens to use on your posts. If you have any questions or anything feel free to hit me up on discord.

When redeeming the tokens, make sure you send them to deranged-visions.


Thank you so much, I really appreciate what you've done! Yes, I already have coff33a voted.

This is what is needed to make the world a better place, committed people who have the desire to help and be guides in this huge sea, what a blessing it is to meet people like you and @pankso who have such a big heart and a energy that is contagious and ignites that motor in our hearts for wanting to continue working for a better world.

God bless you, great work! @derangedvisions

Good on both of you to help foster people and their prospective pursuits. Happy to call you fam!


Hi @derangedvisions My name is Jennifer known here as @african-yogagirl, I blog about yoga, fitness and children. Am passionate about yoga, that's why I
I share my practice of yoga with my audience here, to encourage them through my pictures and words.
I write poems and also do lots of free writing about myself or from books I read.
I really appreciate your support for upcoming whales like me.
Thanks you so much...


Thanks to you for coming up with this initiative. I write mainly about science and cryptocurrency related posts. I am a member of the popular steemstem community on steemit and I write for the originalworks weekly contest also on steemit. I am really looking forward to get comnected on here so that I can get the maximum support I need. Happy newyear to you @derangedvisions.

That's so nice to see you joining the movement! We will have a lot a kids a some points ❤️

I have little to say, you know everything. I love you and this is just the beginning of the annual migration of whales from one ocean to another. A natural cycle that is part of the evolution of life.

Let's rock Whaleshares 🐳


Nothing is more promising than seeing a whale ready to help a newbie whale. My name is Olatunji and my username is @olatun, I love blogging about fiction, motivation and also nature. Thanks for giving this opportunity. Compliment of the season


What is your Bitshares address? I will be sending you some of my tokens to reward your posts. I am not going to be as active here on whaleshares, but you can still reach out to me.

Wow this is real effort @derangedvisions !
And I know the newbie baby whales will benefit greatly from your wise instructions.

I am "a little over" (x2) from being qualified to join this initiative under your wings, but probably next round if I need some photography pointers I'd consult with you in the future.

Thank you for putting so much effort into grooming great writers of the future.

I am just a freelance writer ,anything goes but i am not good at writing poem



I am Ola by name with the profile name "@dtwo" on whaleshares. I write about anything that comes my way such as cryptocurrency, motivational, poems, gospel and lots more. I wish us a successful new year.

#adoptawhale, Hello,I am factism, I write majorly on nature and agriculture. Most of the times, I share farm images I took myself.

Amazing... I love community driven support like this DV!
Pankso kudos to you too

This is awesome! Thank you for the support :D
I'd love to adopt as well but I spend all of my votes on users who participate in my contests ;) Maybe I'll adopt in the future.

@ivan-g @grace @t1ntaliri @crittercrats @vasilisapor3 @sidekickmatt @looserwin

My phone is slow so I can't check all of the whalestakes, did I miss anyone? ^^

This is sweet :) Excellent initiative. May have to steal this one from you hehe. I think lots of people should be doing this. Promotes community well.


Please feel free to borrow the concept! It would lovely to grow the family 🐳


I am new in this platform. I posted some of my original content about online business and some of my video creation, logo, picture etc. All are going to maintain your rules.
Thank you because This is a very great invitation. And also thanks to @pankso for discover a nice idea.

#adoptawhale This is a really good decision we should follow other good things. This will be very helpful for new people.i am rafia.i am student i just join before 17 to 20days ago.


@rafia I guessed you was young, but you so young! You would deserve to be adopted at some point! BTW you maybe interested in the @youngwhales community project.


Oh, thank you @pankso I am really grateful for your introducing awesome project. Yes why not I will be interested @youngwhales.i have followed this. :-)

Very useful information ............
thank you very much for the @derangedvisions that have provided information to all of us, so that we know where our mistakes are, hopefully anyone who gets care from @derangedvisions will become a specific guideline and learn well, because knowledge is very expensive, so with information like We will try our best to write original content, based on our imagination, with reviews in each post, we will always create good content, thank you very much @derangedvisions

The reason i am i love with this initiative is that it feels like this community is an ocean and the big fish, whales and sharks take thier time to help the new migrating fishes from the fresh water to adapt and learn how to survive in the ocean. Kudos to @pankso for the amazing job.
About me, I am Hamza and I am a medic. But I love art and writing and its one of my hobby.