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Zero Game Review : Steem Monsters

zeroPosted to Public2 years ago2 min read

Steem Monsters



Why everyone talk about steem monsters?

Because it's a fun trading card game ?

Yes, you get a lot of fun of this trade game. But, the most important of this wonderfull game it's you can easily win money with a very very little invest of buying several cards of cents.

I love card games and this one it's easy to learn here a short explanation :


1 Mana Cost

The more powerful the card, the higher the Mana Cost. This cost will influence how you create teams, it's the number 6 of upside left of the card


These numbers reflect the physical power (2), speed (6), toughness(2), and health(9) of the character.

3 Splinter/Rarity

The icon represents Splinter and the color indicates Rarity (Common, Rare, Epic (like this card), or Legendary).
4 Name

This is the name of the character.

5 Level

A higher level translates to a more powerful card. Gaining levels may increase STATS or unlock abilities.

6 Experience

Experience is gained by combining duplicate cards. A green bar indicates your progress to the next level.

7 Abilities

These are special skills or powers that are used during combat.

When you learn this you already know the 90 % of the game.

For understand the habilities just check some wikia website like this :

When you already understand how play it then you start play ranked matches and you will get a rank, this rank give you a reward at the end of the competition, that reward can be 1 to 30 booster packs.

1 booster pack = 5 cards and you can earn cards of 0.04 cents of $ to 500 $ (depend of your luck XD)
And also you get 1 daily booster pack if you complete a daily quest.

So if want join to the fight you need register to steem monster (if can with my affiliate program XD):


Total Score of Steem Monsters : 8/10


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