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I'm Happy to run my witness on Whaleshares platform !!! @YTyeasin Witness Introduction

ytyeasinPosted to Public2 months ago2 min read

Hello, Good Day Whaleshares Community. Finally, I'm happy to run my witness server.

Server processor:

Storage: 80 GB
Bandwidth: 8 TB
Port speed: 100 Mbps

Who am I

I am @ytyeasin. Many knowing as @Opsin
First time I joined Steemit Blockchain Cryptocurrency in July 2017. I'm not new in Blockchain. In addition, I'm also a lead Moderator and work at Serey.io. Currently Serey in development. We are currently developing several things like:

  • Serey.io
  • Serey market place
  • Serey mobile app
  • Serey desktop wallet with other coins
  • Serey mobile wallet.
  • Serey own exchange ( SereyDex)
  • Serey dApp templates so that 3rd party developers can quickly create dApps

Witness Node

A witness node is basically a Computer that confirms all the transactions happening on the Blockchain like Posts, Comments, Votes, etc. Witnesses are needed to keep the Blockchain alive, without them the Blockchain will eventually be unusable.

My Witness Node is working smoothly producing a block. Currently, I'm in no position out of 50 Witnesses:grinning: :grinning: .

"As a Witness, my first responsibility will be to maintain the Witness node properly and avoid Downtime of the Server"

If possible, give me your witness vote

Whaleshares witness page: https://wallet.whaleshares.io/#/witnesses

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